I’m Baack! ;)

Left earlier than originally planned and got back later so having done all the washing I am now headed out to buy some food! In the meantime it appears that the hedgehog food I sent my parents for their anniversary has been a wild success!

hahaha…….. and you wonder where I get it from! 😄

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looks like he took the сценичный route ;)


David is across the ‘other’ pond again but wasn’t flying over much water to get there this time.  Not such a big deal since apparently (according to SNL anyway) you can see Russia from someone’s house, hahaha ;)

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hmm…. I’ve been doing what?

well according to my phone all I’ve done this week is take pictures of our sunsets!

This would be over happy hour on David’s birthday…….IMG_2459 and if you really over expose it you can actually see the people who were here celebrating with him ;)IMG_2458 It was also my parents 63rd wedding anniversary this week and I bought them hedgehog food for that……..lots of hedgehog food! The hope is that they’ll lure the oh so very British creatures close enough to get cute pictures of them which of course they’ll then email to their granddaughters ;)

What else, a car service…workouts… deleting scads of stuff and then scads more off my iphone so that I could eventually spend even more time downloading iOS 8 once there was finally room for it to fit.  Then there was my usual Monday happy hour with yes, another picture of a sunset! Such a productive week so far ;)IMG_2461

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Friday already??


Grandad got taken out for an early birthday lunch today by two of his favorite girls   – well, at least of the ones who’s names begin with C ;)

While they headed off to a local beachside restaurant I hit the bike trainer to get my exercise box ticked and now I’m officially ‘cooling down’ while I write this.

I wondered what I was going to do with myself this week now that there was no tennis to watch after Monday, but then Chelsea and Cora came to visit on Tuesday, David got home on Wednesday and I was out at the Log House Museum yesterday so I have yet to get one really constructive thing done at home!

How very unusual for me ;)

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a little news from South China

no more moon cakes for me this time but David brought back a copy of yesterday’s South China Morning Post and it’s back page was full of pictures of people celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, of which making and eating moon cakes is a huge part

IMG_2413 and of course, it’s always fun to read newspapers from other parts of the world – these pieces caught my attention – good old mom, didn’t get to do the bike ride but she got those clothes packed ;) and I guess “none of your business” is one way to react when you’ve just run someone over!! IMG_2416

and then a little surprisingly perhaps, there was this – IMG_2417 some things are the same the world over I guess ;)

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Quick weekend for some of us ;)

David got back from Hong Kong on Friday and after a whole Saturday at home is already on his way back there! We did manage to fit quite a lot in around his jet lag though. As of last week we have lived in this house for 3 whole years and I recently found a painting that echoed our interior paint colors almost perfectly so that was the house’s birthday present ;)
You can see the dark and light green walls in this shot but our blue wall is the opposite side of the room from the light green one so no way I could get them all in and it’s a bit darker than the blue in the picture but close enough!
I also finally got my very own GrandStand III standing frame – all in matt black so a little cooler looking than the blue demo model the sales rep had been kind enough to let me try out for the last couple of months.
and oh look, you can see a smidgen of the blue wall behind it.
We also got together with some of our old (by which I mean former!) neighbours and spent a great evening with them outside on their patio catching up on each others news whilst eating their fabulous food ;) It was a big sports weekend too and of course I was glued to a lot of the US Open Tennis – who could have predicted that both Djokovic AND Federer would go out in the semis??! Right now I’m about to watch the Women’s Final and start the Sunday crossword so that’s pretty much my Sunday afternoon spoken for, well that and sitting outside soaking up our possibly last blast of sunny 80’s weather ;)

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my present from Hong Kong

IMG_2374 David flew in from Hong Kong this morning and gave me a moon cake before he staggered off to bed for a few hours. Pretty and very traditional in China at this time of year but who knew they could be so controversial -

Mooncake Economy Is Hit in China’s Corruption Crackdown
By Dexter Roberts September 05, 2014
As Chinese get ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival this coming Monday, one part of the tradition is conspicuously absent. Families and friends will still gather to enjoy the full moon, but the long-established custom of giving mooncakes has been seriously curtailed.

Amid Chinese President Xi Jinping’s nationwide anticorruption campaign, official gift-giving is frowned on, and mooncakes—often used as a disguised form of bribery—have been singled out for the second year running. In August, China’s antigraft authority announced a ban on using public funds to purchase the round treats; the agency has even has created a website for the public to report mooncake-related abuses.

“Most will exchange delicious mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival with the purest of intentions. However, the holiday also provides an opportunity for individuals with less admirable intentions to corruptly curry favor with influential political and business contacts through extravagant and valuable gifts,” wrote attorney Chris Priddy, of Seattle boutique firm Harris Moure, on Sept. 3 on the China Law Blog. He cited the use of expensive containers, as well as mooncakes made from precious stones or even stuffed with cash, on the China legal news site started by Harris Moure lawyers in 2006.

The mooncake industry is already hurting. Wuchuan, Guangdong, dubbed Mooncake Capital, is home to more than 200 companies employing more than 20,000 people. Last year it sold more than 1.5 billion yuan ($244 million) worth the seasonal delicacy, “but mooncakes have become unsalable this year,” Zheng Rikang, director of the Wuchuan Association of Mooncakes, told the China Daily.

Roberts is Bloomberg Businessweek’s Asia News Editor and China bureau chief. Follow him on Twitter @dtiffroberts.

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things got a little stormy here yesterday

After a remarkably warm, calm summer it was odd to hear the wind whip up yesterday but as always, fun to watch ;)
David had already headed out of town going west and Chelsea needed a babysitter while she got her hair cut so my neighbor, Joke, came over and helped keep Miss Cora amused and then asleep while Mom was gone. I don’t know what Cora thought but it certainly kept the two of us amused for a while ;) The rest of my day was taken up with watching US Open matches – two screens at a time, and then rewatching an episode of The Killing that David told me I’d slept through half of on Monday night. And no, I’m sure my happy hour with Joke and Laura had nothing to do with that – it was clearly the intensity of my earlier workout!
This morning the tennis matches I’m waiting to see are starting later and there was no newspaper on my front porch when I got up this morning so that has completely thrown off my usual routine. I can read it online of course but somehow it’s never the same :(

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well I’ve seen more summery Labor Day weekends!

look really closely – there’s a 323m ship out there!!
Good job I had no outside plans and have been happily watching the tennis all day! ;)

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er, surprise!

So after 20 nights of not being alone in the house I was pretty much just enjoying myself all day today….. listening to loud music, watching lots of US Open tennis, not bothering to shower after my really good bike trainer workout etc etc ;)
Then I get a call from my sweetie to say he’s probably going to get done early so he’ll be getting an earlier flight home than planned. IMG_0830
OK so good, he’ll be home at dinner time on Sunday instead of midnight………..until he points out that he’s talking about tomorrow – er……… what??!!!!!!
Well phew, good job he told me or when he walked in I’d have been lolling around drinking the good wine and snacking on Roquefort cheese watching sports without the sound on while I danced around to the kind of stuff I like to crank WAY up. Not his kind of music either (yes, that includes anything written within the last 40 years!) ;)
So, I’m doing just what you would expect – turning the music up and pouring myself a drink now since I know this will be my last solo gig for another few nights. And after Federer’s finished his match the M’s will be playing so I shall relax and enjoy because………. tomorrow is another day (oh, you knew that was coming!) and there’ll be plenty of time to shower and do housework then…. unless I think of another excuse of course ;)

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