Got up this morning to see the first snow of the season across the Sound on the Olympics and a little later saw our first Bald Eagle of the season fly past the windows too. ;)

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celebrating ………….. something! ;)


possibly just that it was Wednesday and I was back in my old stomping grounds, but hey – a good time was had by all  ;)

Not too much going on this past week, my heat kicked on for the first time last Wednesday which made me think we’d really moved into Fall but after 45 mins of heat that day and 30 the next it didn’t kick on again until today, a whole week later, so the temperatures certainly haven’t been that cool yet. I made a sweet potato and peanut stew over the weekend only to have it hit 70 that afternoon so that  was overkill! Yesterday it poured all day and we broke all kinds of rainfall records but today I was able to roll to the Log House Museum and back without even getting damp. David is in the country this week so he had offered me a lift but at this time of year I like to grab every chance I get to get some outdoor exercise in. You never know when it will suddenly get wet and windy and you’ll go days without a fresh air fix ;)

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Welcome back!


nice as it would be to be able to take pictures of exactly what I can see through my spotting scope, even my old iphone can pick up this dorsal fin as we get to watch a pod of resident orcas frolic in the waters in front of us for the first time this season on what would otherwise be kind of a dreary wet afternoon! ;)

and great views from our local TV station’s helicopter -–279604412.html?embed

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love this

Orca Network shared this video and although this is North of where I am on Puget Sound there have been views of this humpback down here, I just haven’t been lucky enough to catch a glimpse personally.

What a great view from a drone though, and what a great 6 minutes to spend just enjoying this fabulous creature  – it was a great way to start my day ;)

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No barricades but some interesting hiking

Being back in Hong Kong I thought David might see some of the protests going on there but he’s in a different hotel than usual in an area away from it all. That meant he had a little farther to go to do his regular Victoria Peak hike and he used some different trails –

IMG_0306.JPG some of which didn’t look all that widely used……….. up and over huh?! Hahaha 😄

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Monday, Monday..


Our cooler temperatures and raindrops didn’t keep these kayakers (look closely!) inside today but I stuck to the bike trainer for my workout and then moved on to my usual Monday happy hour with some of my fun neighbors  ;)

David got home from Amsterdam with some cheese in hand on Saturday afternoon but is already halfway to Hong Kong now so I bet his body has absolutely no idea what time zone it’s supposed to be on. By the time I go to bed he’ll still have another 4 hours or so to go after already being in the air for 9 – it’s a looong way over there!

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Soaking up the last drop…

Our weather forecast shows showers starting tomorrow afternoon followed by more rain and cooler temperatures for the next week, so after I got home from the Log House Museum I took today’s crossword and KenKen out to the deck to work on.IMG_2627The sun had finally broken through a little after 4pm and after a while I noticed this ‘sundog’ up there in the clouds. IMG_2628 IMG_2629 The repeated foghorns of the ferries and cargo ships as they navigated their way through the marine mist made the perfect soundtrack for my afternoon ;)

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I have NO idea where my children acquired some of their skills….

but I do recall Taryn going to Lisbon back in 2007 ~ here she is there, CIMG1145

which may…..  or may not have something to do with this nice little piece of translationIMG_2619

that dropped into my mailbox in the current edition of the Massachusetts Review today.IMG_2622 Now… how do you say “way to go Taryn” in Portuguese???? ;)

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Spectator Sports

one of the things about becoming physical disabled is that you learn to adjust to being a bit more of a spectator in life than you probably were once upon a time. There are still lots of things you can do albeit a little differently, but over recent years I have discovered that my extra free time gave me the chance to become a much better spectator of many activities. I’ve always loved watching tennis and back in the motherland I could actually score a mean game of cricket ;)
Nowadays I have learned to follow baseball and US football (oh what a killer that final kick was for the Cougs last night!!) but since moving to West Seattle I get to see divers nearly every time I roll down to Alki Beach or the Water Taxi and thanks to videos like this ~ Video: Seen off West Seattle shores, ‘Beneath a Dark Sea’. I actually get to see what the local octopi are up to! Still diving but in dramatically different environs I have been following one of Chelsea’s good high school friends as she and her fiancé dive ‘The Best of SE Asia’ and he photographs and videos their adventure – check it out ~

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good things to look at …..


Not so bad for the first Friday in October is it? ;)

Last night we were across Elliot Bay at Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk so we weren’t really paying attention to the sunset ~ gorgeous as it was. Instead we got to gaze at some of John Andro Avendano’s work that he was exhibiting and then we did a quick visit to Alki Arts a little farther up 1st Street to see some of the stuff Diane Venti had on her gallery’s walls. John is a racquetball buddy of David’s and Diane used to have a gallery within rolling distance of my house so I’d get to go and enjoy lots of the local artists’ work that she shows. Luckily for me the gallery has a great Facebook page so I still get to see a lot of the  pieces that she shows even if I don’t get to see them in the flesh as often as I used to. Last night I really liked the CA Pierce paintings that were there ;)

This evening it’s back to watching the sunset again – feel sorry for me yet??? We are being spoiled by some fabulous early October weather and after my workout earlier today I was sitting out on the deck in just my sports bra and shorts. Remind me of that when winter finally gets here ;)


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