under her spell!

Today we got to ‘Corasit” and someone was in such a good mood…….. yeah, that would be David because he got to play with “the best baby in the whole wide world” ;)IMG_2943

Cora was too, because she decided she was going to be ‘Grandad’s girl’ today and would just smile and laugh the whole time he held her. Obviously her Mom had told her who to suck up to with Xmas coming up…   and I thought those girls learnt nothing from me – ha!

IMG_2925Look at this – hanging on his every word along with her pal Ferdinand the Fox. Just wait until next year when she’ll have learned how to say

“Grandad I want…..” ;)

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oops – how time flies!

gee – looks like it’s been 6 days since I updated this blog and guess what – David’s been gone on a 6-day trip. What a coincidence that must be :)

What have I been up to….what indeed? Nothing wild but I got a lot of reading done, watched a few English shows and cooked some great food full of stuff that apparently only I love (really? how can everyone not love Roquefort cheese?!!!)
Of course there’s been the odd happy hour thrown in there tooIMG_2908 and lots of football over the weekend that was just plain painful to watch since all of the teams we follow, both in college and professional ball lost their games, and lost them right at the end when they could have and actually should have won them. David was in Boston between Amsterdam layovers so he and I watched the same games but from different places. Our texts to each other pretty much consisted of “Ugh!” and “Can you believe that?!”
And since we still have container ships stacked up across the Sound waiting to get into Tacoma and offload thanks to the continuing west coast ports slowdown I also spent some time watching this piece of video. Amazing to see what some parts of these ships voyages are like when they’re not gliding past my windows in Puget Sounds’ sheltered waters.


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brought to you by the letter M…

woke up this morning to see mountains, the moon and yet more big ships moored off Manchester ;)IMG_2878 tough to see the ships well from here so I got David to get outside (where it was still in the low 30s – brrrr!) and take more of a close up with his camera -DSCN6568now they look a bit more like their actual 334 and 335 metres long right?! We’re used to seeing these big guys go past on their way to and from Tacoma but if you read this link – http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2025004702_portslowdownsxml.html# from The Seattle Times, you’ll know why we’re getting to see them moored right across the Sound from us for a while.

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Veterans Day – and no, there are no words to honour what they did… but these may come close


Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)
“Anthem for a Doomed Youth”

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
–Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them from prayers or bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls’ brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of silent minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

Mental Cases
Who are these? Why sit they here in twilight?
Wherefore rock they, purgatorial shadows,
Drooping tongues from jaws that slob their relish,
Baring teeth that leer like skulls’ tongues wicked?
Stroke on stroke of pain, — but what slow panic,
Gouged these chasms round their fretted sockets?
Ever from their hair and through their hand palms
Misery swelters. Surely we have perished
Sleeping, and walk hell; but who these hellish?

— These are men whose minds the Dead have ravished.
Memory fingers in their hair of murders,
Multitudinous murders they once witnessed.
Wading sloughs of flesh these helpless wander,
Treading blood from lungs that had loved laughter.
Always they must see these things and hear them,
Batter of guns and shatter of flying muscles,
Carnage incomparable and human squander
Rucked too thick for these men’s extrication.

Therefore still their eyeballs shrink tormented
Back into their brains, because on their sense
Sunlight seems a bloodsmear; night comes blood-black;
Dawn breaks open like a wound that bleeds afresh
— Thus their heads wear this hilarious, hideous,
Awful falseness of set-smiling corpses.
— Thus their hands are plucking at each other;
Picking at the rope-knouts of their scourging;
Snatching after us who smote them, brother,
Pawing us who dealt them war and madness.

Suicide in the Trenches by Siegfried Sassoon (1886 – 1967 )

I KNEW a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.
In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.
. . . .
You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

The Soldier BY RUPERT BROOKE (1887 – 1915 )

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam;
A body of England’s, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.

And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

Flanders Field by John McRae (1872 – 1915)

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

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meanwhile back at home…

While David was hiking on the other side of the Pacific yesterday I was at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s Gala at Salty’s complete with bid card and champagne…… dangerous, huh?? ;)IMG_2844

A great run down of the whole event with highlights is right here in the West Seattle Blog’s excellent coverage – VIDEO: Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s rock ‘n’ roll & ‘rebirth’ Champagne Gala Brunch scores sizable support.
but local radio personality Marty Riemer’s live podcast that asked the question “Why West Seattle?” of various musically connected WS residents was for me the real highlight of the afternoon – watch and enjoy ;)

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more from Hong Kong…..

Well David is back in his regular hotel in Hong Kong this weekend and there are a few protestors and their barricades still there



He went hiking as usual but I have a hard time even finding the narrow trail in these photos he sent me – here’s one as he’s climbing up it

IMG_8353.JPG and one looking back!


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Wind, whales and big ships

This was yesterday afternoons very misty view of the USS John C Stennis going out for sea trials.This is the first time the Stennis has been underway since returning from a surge deployment on May 3, 2013 and represents the final phase of the ships 16 month maintenance period.
Just a couple of hours before I spotted this David had seen a humpback whale really close to shore heading north into Eliott Bay where apparently it lingered for quite a while – no doubt to admire Seattle’s fabulous skyline 😉
Today has been a lot clearer but very windy, I’m still listening to 35mph+ gusts out there but we were treated to some great cloud colour with tonights sunset 😀


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It’s still there!

This is the first time I’ve glimpsed the sun close to setting since we put the hour back this weekend. So far we haven’t discovered a clock that we forgot about – there are some we haven’t got around to changing yet but we know we haven’t done them – that’s altogether different! 😀
I’ve never been a fan of it getting dark early – I miss my sunlight and with no kids left at home I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore so it’s the afternoons that are tough – good job I’ve got Happy Hour to bail me out 😜
Yesterday Joke and I had the lights and the fire on to make our Monday happy hour seem cozy but today it was wonderfully warm with no wind or rain this afternoon so I got my roll in down to Alki Beach and back and didn’t even need a jacket – how nice was that! 😎
I did still have the lights on at happy hour but no fire today and we did get that glimpse of sunshine before we pulled the blinds down – all good 😄

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Ah Seattle ;)

gotta love the place and when I saw this doing the rounds on Facebook again this morning it sure brought a smile to my face – Happy Sunday from the Emerald City ;)

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Happy Halloween!

29 years and 10 days separate these 1st Halloween pictures. Oh, and the fact that my kid was already sitting up by herself apparently….hahaha – no pressure there Chels! ;)IMG_0002 DSCN6539

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