Saturday sights

I’m up to 2 hour stints most mornings in my standing frame these days. The routine is to eat breakfast, read the Seattle Times, then the New York Times, do the ken ken attempt the crossword and at regular intervals keep rolling around because standing still for that amount of time can make you decidedly lightheaded. I’ve worked out that I can put away some of the mugs and glasses into the higher cupboards when I’m in it and wipe off the bar counter. I can also raise and lower the blinds so I try and keep myself amused so that I don’t bail out before my 2 hours is up but it’s icing on the cake to have bald eagles and yacht races to watch like this morning ;)
Sadly it’s Saturday morning and that still means I have to wash the floors now that I’m back in my wheelchair. Once that’s done I get to read for the rest of the day though because you-know-who is not back until tomorrow :)

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new shoes!


Not quite the same as a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s but the latest addition to my wheelchair is a pair of holders that strap my feet/shoes into place on the footrest. The sidewalks here in West Seattle are so old and bumpy that my feet would keep coming off the footrest and I’d have to keep stopping to drag them back on again only to have them bounce right off when I went over the next bump. So far so good although we had to move them a little further forward than we originally thought because I have to be able to lean down and use both hands to fasten them. When we first tried it my feet were further back and I’d fall out of the chair trying to reach them – not a good thing! Having my feet a little more forward does change my position enough to make it tougher to go up inclines though so I’ll have to work on that a bit. On the flat it’s great though :)

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Monday morning view


Got up just in time to see the USS John C Stennis slip past on it’s way out for more sea trials this morning ;)

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in my workout and a shower before heading off to a baby shower where I had an uproariously good time and somehow only came home with this picture of Judy’s amazing deviled eggs with Mom-to-be Lyndsey way in the background. FullSizeRender_2Just goes to show you what a good time I had! :)

And hey, Judy says if you give her black olives she can make penguins too! Now that’s talent! ;)

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Spring Sunset watch

couldn’t see this Springs’ first sunset because of the cloud cover on Friday but last nights’ was gorgeous and I got to soak it up with one of my favorite girls ;)


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Hard at work as usual ;)


Here I am with my two Class of ’44 West Seattle High School buddies hanging out at The Log House Museum just like every Thursday afternoon. Bill just got back from a month in Honolulu and brought us some chocolate covered macadamia nuts which we had no trouble devouring. On my roll home it started to rain and I was forced to take shelter in the house of the new friends I made when I was out walking with Barb last weekend. What do you mean, was there wine involved??!! hahaha ;)

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not wearing green, but…

Well it seems timely given that today is St Patrick’s Day that everything I listen to lately seems to be Irish. And no, not just U2 although they can do little wrong in my book ;)

Hozier and James Vincent McMorrow seem to be taking up more and more space on my Spotify playlists these days. Of course, since I saw this video of Take Me To Church that particular track has been played a ridiculous amount of times at my house. Reminds me of getting to see Rudolph Nureyev dance at the Majestic in San Antonio a long time ago. David even drove me the four hours down there from Abilene and came with me to see him – ah, what you won’t do when you’re young and in love!! :)

Anyway, great music and great dance – tough to beat, enjoy!

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the rain came back!


Things were a little damp here yesterday – 3rd wettest March 15th since they started keeping records apparently! Didn’t keep our neighbor from windsurfing out there though, just tough to spot his sail through all those raindrops. Fortunately it hadn’t been quite that bad the previous day when one of my erstwhile partners-in-crime found herself back up this way and squeezed in an overnight with me :)

We decided to go for a quick walk and give the wine we had just opened a chance to breathe (yes of course that means it was a little embarrassingly early to start sipping!) so off we went towards Alki Point and along the way we met a complete stranger at one of our neighborhood parks and ended up back at their house sharing wine with their family. No-one that knows either Barb or myself will be surprised in the slightest at that turn of events I’m sure! :)

Anyway, we eventually made it home in time for dinner and a movie and the next morning we were both out of bed and dressed before David arrived home from Hong Kong – triple points for us!

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Detail work!


So Grandad came home from his travels this morning with Marks & Spencer’s animal crackers for Cora, but sadly they appear not to have made it across the Pacific in one piece :(

I’ll give you 3 guesses who’s job it is to sort out any whole ones that are left whilst the bearer of goodies catches up on his beauty sleep….. and yes of course I’m only eating the crumbs :)

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David gets home in the morning and I can’t figure out what I’ve been doing with myself while he’s been gone…….except for soaking up our sunsets….. IMG_3766

and watching some of the ships moored over at Manchester finally head into Tacoma now that the port slowdown is over IMG_3784

and catching up with all my newspapers IMG_3795

and oh yeah…..happy hour with the neighbors 😄

Where did the time go?? Oh wait, it must have been cleaning up all the mess he makes before he leaves …yep, that must be it, hahaha😆

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a belated view from Thursday

David walked up to meet me as I rolled home from the Log House Museum on Thursday and as we glanced out at the Sound I noticed this aircraft carrier out there. Assumed it was the John C Stennis until we got home and took a look through the ‘scope – another piece of history we were lucky enough to catch as it sailed past us! Tough to see against the south end of Bainbridge Island in this very grey picture in the afternoon shadows but it’s out there :) IMG_3769
This is what CNN had to say about it –
Aircraft carrier used for ‘Top Gun’ sold for scrap
(CNN)The aircraft carrier USS Ranger, which saw action in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm and had appearances in the movies “Top Gun” and “Star Trek IV,” is on its final journey, a five-month cruise at the end of a tow cable from Bremerton, Washington, to a scrapyard in Texas.

The 56,300-ton warship, which was launched in 1956, was decommissioned in 1993 but kept in storage for possible reactivation until March 2004 when it was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register and made available for donation to a group that could preserve it and turn it into a museum.

But attempts by groups in Long Beach, California, and Fairview, Oregon, to do so came up short of meeting U.S. government requirements for donation.

The Long Beach group called itself Top Gun Super Carrier in reference to the Ranger’s role in the 1986 Tom Cruise movie. The carrier was used for interior shots in the film, which also featured appearances by the carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Enterprise, according to Internet Movie Database.

In December, the Navy paid International Shipbreaking of Brownsville, Texas, a penny to take the carrier off its hands. The shipbreaker makes its profit by selling the parts of the ship for scrap.

The Ranger, which left Bremerton on Thursday, follows two of its predecessors in the Forrestal class of carriers — the Forrestal and the Saratoga — to scrapyards in Brownsville.

Another carrier, the USS Constellation, part of the Kitty Hawk class, was towed to Brownsville last year. Like the Ranger, the Constellation was stored in Washington and because of its size had to be towed all the way around the southern tip of South America, as it would not fit through the Panama Canal.

The Ranger’s final journey is expected to take four to five months, the Navy said.

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