back in the day…..

David used to bike from RAF Mildenhall to this rail station and get on a train to Cambridge to come and see me when we met over there way back in 1982🙂

The rail station that passengers forgot! Just TWELVE people use sleepy Shippea Hill in an entire YEAR

Long suffering commuters cramming themselves into late-running trains might want to stop reading now.

A league table of the quietest stations in the country has been topped by Shippea Hill – which was astonishingly used by just 12 people last year.
The 170-year-old East Cambridgeshire hub has again been named as the nation’s least busy in official figures.

Shippea Hill in East Cambridgeshire was used by just 12 people last year. One service a day runs from the station towards Norwich, but there is no return service
Just one passenger a month boarded or exited a train at the 170 year old station, which serves the hamlet of Shippea Hill, down from a whopping 22 in 2014-15.

Shippea Hill is a request stop, so passengers must flag down the driver if they want to board.



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 Mom, Cora and Anders all napping at the same time at Grandma and Grandad’s house! 😊

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couldn’t miss this…

So yesterday was one of those randomly gorgeous late November days that you just couldn’t not go out and make the most of. I had stuff to do which meant that I left the house way later than I would have liked but I still managed to get my roll in and soak up some sun and salt air. Of course by the time I espied that sunset I was a little concerned about whether I would actually make it back in time for the start of Monday’s neighborhood happy hour at my house. Not that I need have worried since my friendly neighbors pointed out later that they would have just let themselves in, poured wine and figured I’d turn up eventually! They’re all well aware that I have been known to get sidetracked stopping and talking to people on occasion🙂

Anyway, I hustled and I did make it but you can tell I worked at it a little bit because my neck and shoulders are sore this morning! And no, I’m sure that’s not just from raising my wine glass!!😉

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the tradition continues….

and no, Cora is no quicker at picking out an ornament for the Xmas tree than her Mom or Auntie Taryn were! Good job I don’t care how much time I spend in Molbak’s at this time of year😉

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more weekend sights

love the fact that when we were driving downtown to the theatre last night to see King Charles III at the Seattle Rep that lots of  the cranes in town were already lit up for the holidays and all in Seahawks colors🙂

also nice to see these guys doing circuits in front of our house before their flyover to start the game fullsizeoutput_8590 and after we’d beaten the Philadelphia Eagles fair and square we glimpsed this guy sneaking past fullsizeoutput_858f but yes you’re right – I’m nowhere near as good as David is at getting shots through the lens of our spotting scope! But then I ask myself, can I be good at everything???! Hahaha🙂

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Monday morning

and we had breakfast with some passing orcas🙂fullsizeoutput_8586fullsizeoutput_8585fullsizeoutput_8584fullsizeoutput_8587

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slipping past

still warmer than we’re used to in November  but it’s definitely been a little damp and dreary lately……. or is that just the post election mood here on the other coast??😉

Saw this sub gliding past our windows a few days ago – always a cool sight to see🙂   Watched the USS Nimitz sail out this afternoon after 10 days at Bremerton too – living within view of Puget Sound always gives us plenty to look at!

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…..yes of course I was bummed about the US Election results – lots of people were unhappy with the 2 candidates we ended up with but hey, we’re a democracy – there are plenty of avenues to be heard and change things before it got to that point so I tend to think that if people had paid more attention and used their vote a little more judiciously earlier on then perhaps everyone would have had a better choice. Once it got down to just two major party candidates you had a simple choice – eminently qualified or completely and utterly unqualified and you all know who America picked by now! Ah the joy of democracy – never a dull moment!!😉

But, days like yesterday just serve to underline the things that really matter and we were lucky enough to have our whole family together last weekend so the good stuff certainly outweighed the bad this week and we are very happy about that🙂


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it stopped raining!

fullsizeoutput_84fbGot up this morning to no rain and blue skies for a change (must be something to do with last night’s Cubs win, right?😉 ) Anyway I was happy to see fresh snow on the mountains and know it would be dry for me to roll down to my museum stint later today.

One espresso later I hear 4 foghorn blasts and David glances up to see why and look what was on it’s way past our windows heading for Bremerton🙂

Welcome back USS Nimitz!

(and yeah, how about those Cubs??!!🙂 )


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Trick or Treat??

definitely a treat since we got to spend most of our day with Cora and Anders🙂

Chelsea was here too but who takes pictures of her anymore?!😉

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