and another week slipped by…

Had a friend visit from Minneapolis this past long weekend and after she was nice enough to do my usual Thursday afternoon museum stint with me, she got to experience what you all know is a very common occurrence in these parts – IMG_4746 happy hour on the deck with some of our excellent neighbors :)

and then there was Alki Beach….IMG_0398

IMG_4757and dinner the next day with Chelsea and Cora :)

Since we spent so much of our time together talking I didn’t actually get around to taking many pictures but we did make it to the big Arts Fair in Bellevue on Saturday morning and Alysse got to hang out with her cousins while David and I Cora-sat on Saturday night. We also managed to hit Bakery Nouveau before she left on Sunday because let’s face it, when in West Seattle, how could you not?! ;)

And here we are still laughing as she heads out of town from SeaTac yesterday evening right before the Blue Angels arrived in town for their big SeaFair gig next weekend.

IMG_4777Today our sunshine is back and temperatures are warming up again, David is getting ready to head out to Amsterdam and I’ve taken care of the washing and will no doubt be squeezing some reading time on the deck in before it’s time for our usual neighborhood Monday afternoon get together to start the week off in the right vein :)

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Who’d have guessed?? :)

Most Americans Still Don’t Eat Their Fruits & Veggies.

Somehow I’m not shocked by the info in the above link, but given the fact that it was another ‘clean out the fridge’ day for me before David arrives back in the country tomorrow, I think I’m good for right now thanks ;)

IMG_4722 I’m also very happy that it has cooled down from our 95 degree high the other day and that I woke up to a sprinkling of rain this morning – amazing how quickly you get to miss something. That no doubt means that by tomorrow I’ll be whining about not seeing these mountains because of some cloud cover!IMG_4730

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and more exercise…

I spent this morning ticking off my standing frame time and then my handcycle workout while David biked another 50 miler and since our brains were both in exercise mode I remembered having a very fun 5K run/walk/roll for close friends and family on the river trail in Redmond a whole 5 years ago today!








and then a few hours after that there was a wedding…… all the best nuptials have their guests do a 5K to start things off you know :)

Some of the runners cleaned up really nicely too!

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How long??

‘Dancing’ with my favourite girl at Novelty Hill/Januik’s Wednesday Wine’d Down last night :)
It will be 5 years tomorrow since Chelsea & Rich got married here – where did the time go??!

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Oh yes, I have time😄

Do I have time to get that second espresso before I hit the shower or will someone get back from his bike ride all dripping and sweaty and mess up the bathroom first?? 

Well thanks to the joys of modern technology I know exactly how far away he is 😀 so yes I am enjoying that cup of coffee ☕️ and no, I don’t think his phone is really in the lake !

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mid – July and it’s feeling a bit more normal 😀

Well I’m getting much  better at managing my library downloads lately – look what I’ve managed to get read in the last couple of weeks. Haven’t finished A God In Ruins but so far The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared is my favourite. It came highly recommended – thanks Judith!

Being able to suspend some of my ‘holds’ has proved to be the lifesaver! 😀

Our weather has been much more conducive to spending time out on the deck too – can you believe it had been too hot to have our neighborhood Monday happy hours out there for the past few weeks??! I mean come on – this is Seattle and it’s only July! It was really nice to get back outside there yesterday and hear about Al’s Seattle to Portland bike ride experience –  

  Phil felt good about it too – can you tell?😄

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Words of Wisdom! ;)

Thursdays are my day for helping out at the Log House Museum and yesterday, one of my partners-in-crime, Nancy, brought in her original ration books from 1942 in case the museum could use them for their next exhibit. (Westside Stories: Home)

I love those final words of wisdom on the back – “If you don’t need it, DON’T BUY IT”. They should have a sign saying that at the entrance to every Costco :)

Talking about wartime rationing reminded me that I have the first cookbook my Dad bought my Mom back in 1949, before they were married.
Clearly rationing was still an everyday part of life in England even 4 years after WW2 had ended. Gotta love such typical English understatement though – “the meat ration for two is a bit of a headache…” and “Even if that little bit of meat does look a bit grim…”

David is already on his way home from the airport so time for me to get moving – obviously our heatwave ended yesterday and last night’s wind blew away the Canadian forest fire smoke that had lingered for most of the week – he always has this kind of perfect timing! Tennis is done for the day so once David takes his nap I can get my bike trainer workout done and tick another of my boxes. Just think, after the Wimbledon final on Sunday I won’t  have to get up at 5 something in the morning to watch it anymore so that’s something to look forward to even though I’ll miss the great tennis. :)

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more smoky sunsets

IMG_4646 and much cooler temperatures which sadly meant that I had no excuse not to finally get all the washing and drying done today – drat! 😄
Got up early this morning to catch that held over 5th set from yesterdays Djokovic/Andersen match and I should be hitting the hay relatively early (for me!) tonight because all the men’s quarter finals are starting at 5am my time tomorrow, gulp!
The lovely Miss Cora turned a whole 13 months old today IMG_0982 – hard to believe that just a month ago we were all in Honolulu celebrating her first birthday
IMG_0767 although this picture is pretty reminiscent of the last week or so here because you can tell that Cora and I were hanging out in a patch of shade avoiding that hot Honolulu sun while we were deep in conversation about something really important  😎

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and speaking of cool……

I do believe that we finally managed to just stay out of the 90s today after a 6 day stretch of baking hot temperatures – whoopee! I should throw a party to celebrate…. oh wait, it’s Monday and I already had a very happy three and a half hours with several bottles of wine and several of my neighbors – consider it done! :)
And now the big question is – do I get up at 4am to see the 5th set of the Djokovic/Andersen game or not??! Hmmm…. here’s a shot of last nights sunset to enjoy while I ponder that _

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How cool was this?!

This was originally scheduled to happen when we were in Honolulu last month and I was SO excited that we might be there to witness history but sadly the weather didn’t cooperate. Still amazing stuff though! :)

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