Don’t think I’ll go outside today!


little bit stormy out there this weekend. Wind gusts are in the high 30s at the moment but it should calm down this evening and overnight. We’ll just have to wait and see if tomorrow’s threatened really big windstorm materializes.

At least I still have power…… or is me saying that going to jinx it now??🙂

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Cora’s visit

While Mom & Dad were busy welcoming Anders into the world Cora was busy having fun at our house🙂

and yes, I’m sure we’ll recover eventually😉

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He’s here!

suffice it to say that I’ve been just a tad busy for the last couple of days🙂

Welcome to the world Anders Harold Day!

Mom, baby, Dad and big sister are doing just fine. Grandma and Grandad are of course exhausted!🙂

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Another one!

another day another aircraft carrier! The USS John C Stennis this time and it was coming into Bremerton not going out. Cora got to see it too 😀

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Wednesday morning in my house 

I was watching the live webcast from the West Texas launchsite of the Blue Origin New Shepard in-flight escape test when they had a hold in the countdown that was long enough for me to notice the USS Nimitz heading out to sea right in front of my windows 😀

And after pausing to watch that and get David to take some pictures the countdown restarted and there was what appears to have been an amazingly successful escape test, both the capsule and the booster landed safely and under control- great stuff! 😃👍

Time for another espresso now ☕️

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someone’s back from his latest hiking trip…

oh, I’m sorry…… back from his latest work trip! How could I be so easily confused??


theoretically he was hiking this trail to see the Big Buddha but it was so cloudy that he couldn’t see it even from the base of the steps so he walked the Wisdom Path instead – he probably needed that more anyway, right?!😉

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down to the sea in ships…

We seemed to have a lot of cargo traffic sailing past this morning while David was getting ready for his trip. No sooner had I snapped a picture of this vessel heading into Seattle from Tacomaimg_1293

than this one came around Alki Point.img_0865

And yes, if you’re paying attention you’ll notice that there are a lot more clouds in this one – the schooner’s sails were still furled today and she was a lot further away by the time I took a picture but I knew that one of our neighbors had snapped this shot of the Adventuress when she was out front a few days ago (Facebook is a wonderful thing, no?) so I stole her picture! – Thank you Joke!😉

Anyway, she has a fascinating history (and that would be true of both my neighbor and this vessel, haha!) – take a look at the link 😀

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still here… as is our fabulous sunshine :)

I know, I know, even my mother has been giving me grief that I have had no online presence recently! We’re still here, have just been busy lately and as you can see from these pictures we’ve had some fun friends visiting🙂

Life gets a little more back to normal this week – David will be off across the Pacific again and I’ll be doing whatever it is I normally do but for now enjoy the pictures and know that 2 of my guest rooms are already back up to speed for spontaneous visits – you know where I am, right??😉

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the perfect morning!

img_7875 Thanks to this windy, rainy weather I have no qualms about staying inside to catch up on all my newspapers, read Ann Patchett’s latest book and then keep an eye on 3 different football games this afternoon – phew!🙂

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It was David’s birthday this week – here he is on Alki Beach during our walk/roll that morning. Since he had racquetball games already planned for later that day he postponed opening his cards and presents until he had time to drive to Cora’s house and have her help him with that :)img_0861

I think she enjoyed helping and of course she’s always happy to have Grandad to play with🙂

It was also my parents 65th wedding anniversary this week, my brother drove up to see them and it would appear that they enjoyed a very classy day together😉

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