still here… as is our fabulous sunshine :)

I know, I know, even my mother has been giving me grief that I have had no online presence recently! We’re still here, have just been busy lately and as you can see from these pictures we’ve had some fun friends visiting🙂

Life gets a little more back to normal this week – David will be off across the Pacific again and I’ll be doing whatever it is I normally do but for now enjoy the pictures and know that 2 of my guest rooms are already back up to speed for spontaneous visits – you know where I am, right??😉

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the perfect morning!

img_7875 Thanks to this windy, rainy weather I have no qualms about staying inside to catch up on all my newspapers, read Ann Patchett’s latest book and then keep an eye on 3 different football games this afternoon – phew!🙂

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It was David’s birthday this week – here he is on Alki Beach during our walk/roll that morning. Since he had racquetball games already planned for later that day he postponed opening his cards and presents until he had time to drive to Cora’s house and have her help him with that :)img_0861

I think she enjoyed helping and of course she’s always happy to have Grandad to play with🙂

It was also my parents 65th wedding anniversary this week, my brother drove up to see them and it would appear that they enjoyed a very classy day together😉

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all good things…

Our quick weekend out of town gave us some fabulous views on the drive there and back, another chance to play with Miss Cora on Saturday evening,  and then the privilege of celebrating with lots of other people at the wedding of one of Chelsea’s very best schoolfriends. We have lots of memories of high school track meets with Julia and Chelsea and countless school events with her whole family. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share in some of the big life events of these once little children that we remember from what seems like not very long ago!🙂

And the picture of the wine flight is in there because it was my well deserved treat in a very pleasant restaurant in Bend, OR after I lost cellphone coverage and therefore all the US Open tennis coverage that I was following on the way there…. ack!

Today though, we got home in time for me to actually watch the men’s final and before that to hear the Seahawks win and then oh yes, there was this…..🙂img_7817

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SHE DID IT! Erika Norris becomes first Bremerton to Alki Point swimmer in 50+ years

imageWhile some of us were still busy watching the tennis, exciting stuff was going on just down the street from me🙂

West Seattle news, 24/7

Source: SHE DID IT! Erika Norris becomes first Bremerton to Alki Point swimmer in 50+ years

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Home Help

well it’s already the end of the school summer holidays up here which means that Chelsea is back at work again now. It’s tough to find time to shop and cook tasty and nutritious meals when both she and Rich are gone all day but Chelsea said that she found some really good kitchen help to take care of that for them🙂

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a good day…

OK so I did actually leave the house today! That would have been between the end of the del Potro match and the beginning of the Murray one🙂  I never set foot….tire??.. outdoors yesterday since I was glued to coverage of the US Open until it was time for our neighborhood happy hour. It would have been easy to stay glued to all the matches again today but there are showers in the forecast for the next few days and I just hated to waste a day that looked like this outside!🙂IMG_7610 So, I timed it carefully not to miss too much and ran (rolled!) into a former neighbor I hadn’t seen for a while and caught up with her news, then met some current neighbors as I rolled home and caught up with theirs plus found out that another house on the street had sold.

Exercise, sea air, sunshine, neighborhood news and still home in time to see Andy Murray walk out on court – all good🙂

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so little time!

In between whatever else I did with myself this week…..neighbourhood happy hour, happy hour with old neighbors, friends dropping in for wine on the deck etc etc🙂  …. I got turned on to the amusement potential of the iPhone app Prisma as you can see from these pictures. That kept me amused for a while!

Today we talked Chelsea and Rich into going out on a date night so that we could get our Cora fix🙂  and on Monday the US Open kicks off so I’ll be glued to all that glorious tennis coverage for days. I know, how do I fit it all in?! Hahahaha😉

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Saturday Sunset

IMG_7477Well Barb timed her weekend visit with me perfectly to coincide with the end of our latest heatwave. We had to sit on the back deck in the shade for our happy hour because it was still way too hot in the sun but as you can see, by the time the sunset rolled around it was just perfect out there and we were still out there hours later identifying stars  (with a little help from the Star Walk app😉 )

It had cooled down considerably by this morning and it felt great to go out there and get a couple of waterfront miles in before she had to Uber out of here en route to her next party…..    and I nearly forgot, she brought a present for me with her……

IMG_7488 ….. no wonder we get along so well, hahaha😉



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more visitors :)

Had a nice surprise visit from someone I hadn’t seen in a while yesterday. Nathan & Rhonda stopped off to see me on their way to meet friends and continue north to Vancouver. They timed their visit nicely since it’s the beginning of another mini-heatwave for us and being Texans excessive heat seems pretty normal to them!🙂 We ate outside on Alki Ave with that great view in the second picture. The first picture?? Oh that’s what Nathan looked like the last time I saw him……..he’s the little guy all in blue smack in the middle of the photograph!!🙂

Like I said, it had been a while… hahaha🙂IMG_7468IMG_7471

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