still here! ;)

And today I even let my mother out of the house between wrapping presents for me!

We walked down to Cormorant Cove Park and back in our unbelievably balmy December weather. Of course you’ll notice that the walker I’m insisting that she use for safety when she walks anywhere got kicked out of the way for every picture, not that she’s vain or anything!

Just don’t ask what happened to that nice tower of balanced rocks that she admired by the Cormorant Cove sign – apparently some people just have to cross their legs when they sit down on nearby benches no matter what they might kick over, hahaha……

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only a week? ;)

yes my mother flew in last weekend so she’s already been here over a week but you know I had to wait until she paused to take a breath before I was able to get to my computer to post these pictures! Hahaha…….

There has been time with her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, happy hours, dinners out, lots of views and much holiday decorating. Just wait until David leaves and I make her wrap everyone’s presents for me! πŸ˜‰

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An early present…..

A great friend brought this sign over for me to put on my bar today.

Of course I’m not sure what made her think of me when she saw it 🀣

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of family, food and drink. Good times πŸ˜„

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Something just a little different about our view this morning…..

wait, what did we get up to yesterday?! 😱

And yes, there were more orcas out there this morning but that wasn’t really what grabbed my attention 🀣

The glass panels that had suddenly decided to slip out of their moorings are now safely removed so that no innocent passers by risk decapitation πŸ˜‰but rest assured that the grandkids will not be playing outside on the deck this Thanksgiving no matter how ridiculously warm it gets. (It’s already 60 degrees, can you believe that??!)

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A nice sunset and a good win from our UW Huskies to round out my Saturday evening 😊 but now time for bed so that I can get up early and track Taryn & Colton on their IronMan adventure in Arizona!

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As ready as they’ll ever be!

We went out for dinner with Taryn & Colton last week on David’s one day home for a pre IronMan meal together.

They got to Arizona this morning and on Sunday will be attempting their first full IronMan. We’ll see if they look any different when they return ! πŸ˜„

In the meantime they do at least have much nicer weather down there to enjoy until they have to start swimming 2.4miles……then biking 112……. and then running 26.2!!! I’ll be tired just tracking them 😱

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Wet & Windy weather

Well of course the local newspaper used a shot of the surf just down the road from me to illustrate how bad our windstorm was yesterday. The weather is much calmer today but down there at Constellation Park it’s still a little bit of a splash zone as you can see from the waves in this picture I just took out of my window. The weather people are promising more wind later this afternoon but nothing quite as bad as yesterday. I would point out though that at the height of the storm six of my neighborhood ladies still made it to my house for happy hour, several of them carrying food and wine through the torrential rain and 55 mph wind gusts – West Seattlites are made of stern stuff! 🀣

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Time was…..

33 years ago today someone had just flown his first trip as a Northwest Orient pilot and was still young and poor 🀣

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