Almost worth waiting for!

It rained all day (again!) but look at the nice sun break we got while we were watching 60 Minutes 😎

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Traffic & tulips

David got a sudden bee in his bonnet to go up to the Skagit Valley and see the tulips around 12:30pm today.  It was the second time this year that we had sunshine and temps in the mid 60s so I jumped (read ‘got thrown’) in the car and off we went.

Two things of note – we were not the only people to have thought of this so there was  a lot of traffic and 4 hours later when we got home again I had never actually gotten out of the car 🤣 My parents will not be shocked by this because they have gone places with David before.  Most  notably when we lived in Abilene, Tx and they had come to visit from England and we took them to Dallas. A 3 1/2 hour drive each way and they got to drive past the site of JFK’s assassination, the memorial , Southfork Ranch and of course the Immigration Building where I had spent many happy hours but David never actually stopped the car 😂 Fortunately the Skagit Valley isn’t quite that far away and the tulips were very pretty but you get the gist 😉

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Weekend happenings

Vitamin D levels raised – tick!

Family time top up – tick!

I had an early birthday family get together in sunny and warm Phoenix last weekend thanks to David. Lots of relaxing time to talk, eat and drink and Miss Cora lucked out because the hotel we stayed at happened to have an amazing Easter Egg Hunt – score!

Really nice for the Seattleites in the family to soak up the sun for a few days because we’re definitely still in the liquid sunshine stage up here. This will pass of course but nice to be able to cheat the system once in a while 🙂fullsizeoutput_9ee1

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A Spring day in the Pacific Northwest…..

Same old, same old…..

Oh that’s what that noise was! We have the Mariners first home game to thank for this flyover 😄

Looking a little better…and post Monday happy hour and a Mariners win will you look at that?! 😎

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still here..

….and still waiting for the Spring weather to arrive and stay for more than a few hours!! Our rain and occasional windstorms have kept me from doing anything much (except grumbling about the weather!) hence my lack of recent posts. David has been in Amsterdam pretty frequently and it certainly looks as though Spring has sprung there –

which has also meant he’s back to getting some biking in although apparently the bugs have been a little bit of a problem, hahaha  😉         IMG_6770

Luckily one of our few and far between warm and sunny afternoons happened to coincide with a visit to the Seattle Museum of History & Industry to see a musical interpretation of one of my neighbor’s books. Here’s a little information from her (Judy Bentley’s) website about it…


Free Boy

Free Boy, A True Story of Slave and Master, tells the story of a thirteen-year-old boy who escaped from Washington Territory to freedom in 1860 on the West Coast’s underground railroad. Charles Mitchell was the property of James Tilton, Surveyor General of Washington Territory, and this book is a twined biography of the two.

Free Boy castRead an article about how the book was written in the University of Washington alumni magazine Columns.

Read an interview with Judy in the Madison Courier, published in Madison, Indiana.

Visit for documents and curriculum materials for Free Boy.  Blackpast is a source for African-American history created by Dr. Quintard Taylor at the University of Washington.


…and yes, of course we did Happy Hour first! 🙂 IMG_9549

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a throwback Wednesday!

In between watching the Quarter Finals in Miami (go Johanna Konta!) I was at the computer doing something and noticed my iPhoto ‘On this day in 2007’ file. Then it suddenly struck me that this was actually 10 whole years ago – whoa!! Good job I haven’t aged a bit 😉

So – we were obviously visiting Taryn who was at the University of Montpellier for a year back then and this was the day we drove around Nimes and Avignon while she was hard at work studying.

And yes, of course my favourite picture is the one of my wheelchair chained to the sign in the plaza while I’m on the little tourist train riding around the city 😉

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another busy week 🤣

OK so Indian Wells is long over but the Miami Open is on now so yes, I’m still spending most of my time watching tennis – thank heaven for ESPN3!! 😄 Good job there was a rain delay in the Coric/Thiem match today or I’d have never looked up and got to enjoy this sunset scene outside my window though 😉

 David has been home for a week so one can only hope that he got our taxes done while I was busy paying attention to much more important things 🤣

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just another Sunday morning…

what’s more impressive……that Taryn &  Colton (450 & 455) just completed the Puerto Rico 70.3 Half Ironman in San Juan  after Taryn was on crutches with a badly sprained ankle just a few weeks ago………or that they finished in time for me to quit tracking them and watch the tennis finals at Indian Wells????!! Way to go guys  🙂17353304_1477330262278783_2006418975627586349_n

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it’s all relative ;)

Well first of all our rain came back and then Nick Kyrgios had to pull out of his match against Roger Federer at Indian Wells because of food poisoning – not a good start to my day……but the recent arrival of the second batch of Taryn & Colton’s honeymoon pictures quickly put the smile back on my face – there were baby elephants and lion cubs for goodness sake, how could you not smile seeing some of these 🙂

It was almost but not quite enough for me to forgive them the fact that they’re already in Puerto Rico for this….IMG_1346 but don’t worry I’ll feel better on Sunday when they have to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 and run 13.1 and I’ll just be sipping espresso and reading the Sunday paper 🙂

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There she goes…..

The USS Independence starting her long last journey from Bremerton to Brownsville where she’ll be scrapped. And yes, she’ll be taking the long way round – should be there in 5 months or so.

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