West Seattle Sunday: Pro-volleyball finals

Well we may have a little more weather blowing in…… IMG_0493 but it will apparently take more than windstorms and rain to stop the National Volleyball League’s Pro Finals going on at Alki Beach this weekend – check out this link from our West Seattle Blog –

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sitting pretty :)

this windstorm is moving through here at the moment….. David is about to take off in it and Chelsea is trying to get back from the islands on a ferry through it. Taryn has her own weather issues in Florida of course with the remnants of Tropical Storm Erika moving through, but hey, as long as our power stays on so that my elevator works I’m sitting pretty up here getting to enjoy the kind of view that I haven’t seen for a while :)

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more summer visits….

Our weather stayed it’s wonderful sunny Seattle self for a visit from David’s Dad this week. Chelsea, Rich and Cora came by for dinner the day he arrived,
we hit our local Farmers Mkt the next day and my usual Monday happy hour included guys for a change so that was fun :) no pictures from those because my phone is still on the blink and only works about 15% of the time so I’m just hanging on until Apple announces the arrival of their latest in 2 weeks time, bear with me ;)
We visited Ballard Locks yesterday with Chelsea and Cora – lots of great photo ops there and David remembered to take his camera so we actually got some – phew!

Today we hit the Chihuly Gardens downtown DSCN7868

and tonight we’re hitting the local Italian – yum! David needs to go to work for a rest – usually he only ever leaves the house to play racquetball when he’s between trips, hahaha….. :)

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So some of us got to go hiking on Lamma Island, off Hong Kong yesterday…

…but see if I care because look who came to play with me 😄


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what a surprise – no animal pictures! ;)

Miraculously we managed to fit in a visit to the zoo yesterday between all Seattle’s weird summer thunder, lightning and inch and a half of rain!
Cora was very clear that she wanted to hold hands with both of us when we walked around which made life a little interesting since my wheelchair tends to roll in circles when I’m only using one hand :)

This aviary is a favourite of Cora’s and you can tell that she thought this little green guy was pretty funny ;)
and when Grandad wanted to ride on the carousel she was a very good sport and went with him just to keep him company :)
We were forced to take refuge in the gift shop when the lightning came back ;)
and in the dry times I made sure that I taught Cora some really useful life skills!!
Fun times indeed :)

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It’s that time of year again!

Like I care if my son-in-law is at a suite at the game and I’m not! I barely even remembered it was the Seahawks first exhibition game of the season tonight – can you tell??! 😂

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delayed workout…..

so on Monday morning I get on my bike trainer and discover that thanks to my phone being weirdly not very touch sensitive lately I can’t actually get my Spotify app to open and play my workout music. I’m already on the bike, in my workout gear, with the fan on so I keep trying and of course I do the sensible thing – it doesn’t react at all to my finger pat or swipe so I just keep on doing it….faster, harder, slower and no, of course it doesn’t work! So then it occurs to me that as long as I get the screen unlocked I can just use Siri and not have to get to the actual app and then the playlist. Sensible but of course it takes forever to unlock the screen because it will randomly take some numbers of the code but getting it to take all of them took a ridiculous number of tries but….. eventually I got in, got Siri, and how tough could it be to understand “Play the Bike Trainer Playlist in Spotify”????? Playing Spotify was apparently no problem and after I repeated the name of the playlist a gazillion times Siri finally got BIKE and PLAYLIST but somehow she could never work out TRAINER and I really had a hard time with the fact that this is the only one of my playlists that starts with the word BIKE but she couldn’t find it…. in the Playlist section, starts with Bike – how tough could that be? Clearly we don’t have too much to worry about from Artificial Intelligence just yet! ;) So, I haul myself off the bike (toughest part of the workout!) go and get my ipad which also has my Spotify playlists on it but doesn’t have touch sensitivity issues (yet?) and get back on the trainer ready to go. Open up Spotify, put on my bluetooth headphones and………. the batteries are dead – aaaargh!!!
Yes, I could have just played the music out loud but you know, I was really just royally ticked off by then so off I got and was just grateful that it was Monday and that several of my neighborhood friends would be turning up to have happy hour with me soon enough and brighten my day.
They did of course and a fun time was had by all and look at the sunset we were treated to :)
And in case you’re wondering yes of course I recharged the headphones and did my bike trainer workout today….. right before another friend came for happy hour ;)

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We’ve been getting some clouds here late in the day recently which make our sunsets look a little different than they have been….. :)

Our temperatures are still plenty nice enough to let me enjoy lunch out on the deck with some friends who were here today though, and by the look of the forecast I do believe I’ll be out on the deck with the friends I have dropping by on Monday and Tuesday as well. David doesn’t get home until Wednesday….. but you could probably work that out, right? ;)
On his way out of town earlier this week he did get a nice picture of Mt Baker since he was heading east to Europe for a change instead of west to Asia.
Nice to see some snow on it because I’m not seeing much left on the Olympics this late in the season!

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it was 33 years ago today……


that I swapped the expansive views of my green and pleasant birthplace for the expansive views to be had on this side of the pond :)


There are people I miss and things I miss (mostly food – ha!) but on the whole I think you could say that I’ve made the most of my time in the colonies ;)

I can still remember how ridiculously hot it was when that ‘plane touched down at Dallas-Fort Worth though, talk about clueless English girls coming to Texas for the first time in August of all months! Our version of hot summers were just a tad different in those days :)


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you know they’re super cool even if you’re only 1! :)

IMG_1094IMG_1095I just had to steal these photos from Chelsea  – what a classic reaction to seeing and hearing the Blue Angels fly overhead for the first time! :)

It will be my turn tomorrow, you know I wouldn’t miss them :) David arrived home from Amsterdam less than an hour ago and I was busy all week in his absence with people dropping by every day for wine and snacks – such a surprise I know! I think we’re pretty busy until he flies off again on Friday and I’m just hoping that our temperatures will have dropped a little by then. In the meantime I’m quaffing cold white wine and being very thankful for our air conditioning :)

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