a good weekend :)

Had the grandkids stay over this weekend – always fun, at least for us!🀣

They slept all night and our January weather was nice enough to go outside for a walk along the waterfront with them. Tough to beat that 😁

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Still too windy to roll

Our wind continues….. but there are bright spots 🌈

.. not to mention the fact that there is tennis from Qatar in the mornings and from down under in the evenings to keep me happily occupied. With David gone I can get into bed and watch the matches that don’t start until after midnight PST too.

I am so easily amused 😁

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One last time…

The viaduct will be shut down by the time David is in town again so we had to drive it one last time. You get to enjoy the whole shaky 1:44 video complete with me dropping my phone πŸ˜†

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Alki’s New Year Polar Dip 2019

And of COURSE I’d have gone into the water if my wheelchair rolled on soft sand, hahaha! A beautiful dry morning for the start of 2019 but a tad chilly at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Might have made the water seem not quite so frigid though??

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8 minutes and it’s New Year in England….

.. close enough for me! πŸ₯³

Happy New Year Everyone! πŸ₯‚

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Whatever it takes….

And you wonder why we dance at our neighbourhood Monday Happy Hours sometimes…….. 😁

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It’s all β€˜relative’ (pun intended)

I only forgive my idiot brother Xmas cards like this….

because his Xmas presents happen to come in boxes like the big one under my tree! 🀣 Merry Xmas indeed πŸ·πŸŽ„

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What I spent part of my morning doing

Nothing Xmassy!

Caught sight of this guy heading towards Bremerton and of course just sat and watched him glide around the south end of Bainbridge Island and up into Rich Passage.

Always kind of mesmerizing to see a sub slip past my windows, I am a lucky girl πŸ™‚

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Winter’s first sunset

Looking a lot better out there than it did this time yesterday πŸ˜†

I think I have everything bagged and under the tree, just in time because David gets home from Japan tonight, picks up food for our family Xmas Eve dinner on his way home from playing racquetball tomorrow, and then we’re off to enjoy a festive happy hour (or five, hahaha) with friends, so take it from me – the official festivities have finally begun πŸ€—

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Last year my Mom came for Xmas…..

….and this year we’ll be having the newest member of the family joining us for the celebrations 😊

Here’s Apollo having a snack at Grandma’s house today. I think I’m going to need more food!! 🀣

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