Addicted to this book…

Recommended by a couple of my Monday Happy Hour ladies and I can’t put it down. I lived in London during a lot of these bombings and learned to leave a pub if we heard a few Irish accents so listening to the whole other side of this is fascinating! It’s long but give it a try, it’s wonderfully written and you’ll learn a lot.

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Games with the grandkids 😁

When we weren’t busy doing countries and capitals, Anders was the first to show us how to get 10 elephants balanced in a pyramid. It’s just amazing what we’ve learned since we’ve been lucky enough to become grandparents ! 😁

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Weekend choices 😆

Some of us were in Bellingham by 1:30 this afternoon having biked 100 miles while I was watching my 3rd tennis semifinal of the day from Cincinatti. Tomorrow he’ll probably be slower coming home and I only have 2 finals to watch.

Different strokes…… 😉

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In case you wonder why I’m on the other coast and the other side of the pond 😉

I know, can you believe they let me come and live here?! 🤣

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Our 3 generational multi use trail outing 😁

Met Chelsea & the kids up at Gold Creek Pond near Snoqualmie Pass yesterday morning. Between all of us our transportation on the trail included feet, scooters, a stroller and a wheelchair so I guess that qualifies it as a multi use trail 😄

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Can you tell it’s getting smoky in Seattle again?

This was what the sun looked like through our spotting scope a couple of days ago

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Tuesday night treats

La Rustica lusciousness 😋

Yay to dinner out with great friends at our fabulous neighborhood Italian this evening 🍷😊 and as if that wasn’t enough, Ashes to Ashes finally became available to stream on Britbox today a mere what, 13 years after the first season was filmed??!

You’d probably have to be as old as me and possibly British as well to appreciate DCI Gene Hunt in all his glory though. And watching Life On Mars first might be a requirement if you wanted to have any idea of what was going on 😆

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Summer in the city….

…and you’re all humming that song now, right?! 🤣

Out for an afternoon roll along Alki Avenue today….. looks like summer in Seattle to me 😁

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My sporty Sunday

Tennis from Wimbledon this morning, football (yes, the real kind!) from Wembley this afternoon and baseball from downtown this evening. Lots to keep me amused plus it’s another drop dead gorgeous Seattle July day so I snuck in a waterfront roll between the tennis and football this morning.

Easy to see the blue sky, sea and mountains but if you look a little closer you’ll see that there’s a bald eagle and some blue herons making the most of today’s low tide

And once England win 🤞🇬🇧 I shall be out here with my feet up reading some more of my latest book with a celebratory drink 🍹 to keep me company before the Mariners take the field.

A pretty perfect Sunday if you ask me 😊 …. as long as I don’t have to eat my words of course 😝

LATE ADDITION: OK so it will be a commiseratory drink not a celebratory one……tomAto.. tomAHto 😏

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Well my July 4th was good 😁🇺🇸

Simon and I had a parade while his new sister slept…. and ate…. and slept some more 😊

And over at the cousin’s ….

Cora learned to blow bubbles

And Anders discovered he knew how to catch fish with his bare hands! Their baby brother was not feeling good so it was all about the biggies this year.

Fun times 🤗 and I made it home in time to watch fireworks from my deck so no complaints from me 🇺🇸💥

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