they did it :)

ULTRA RAGNAR RELAY DC 2015 – 6 runners, 204.2 miles and a free beer at the end!
they’re all smiling so they must think it was worth it ;)

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so far so good ;)

well thanks to Hurricane Joaquin stalling down south and beginning to track a bit more to the east, Taryn didn’t have to add this to her Ragnar playlist when she hit the trail early this morning!!

So, one leg down, two more to go – here she is embracing her ‘inner wild’ ;) 12038666_10153775737649095_6022010318244022200_o


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and what do you have planned for your Friday??

well this is what Taryn is up to tomorrow!
Of course, Hurricane Joaquin might be making landfall about the time she starts running so she may well be worrying more about flash flooding than she is about PR’s but hey, whatever happens it’ll be a great adventure :)
She had a great time doing the Key West event last February as you can tell from this picture 1898140_10201893321510359_938262971_n but this time around they are fielding an ‘Ultra Team’ of 6 runners instead of the usual 12. That means everyone on the team runs twice as much so Taryn is Runner #1 and Runner #2. Crazy, huh?! She sure doesn’t get it from me :)

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oops, it’s been a week – what HAVE I been up to??

well I finally got a new phone so I’ve been playing with that and trying to remember to keep it hidden from my granddaughter when I’m playing with her so that it continues to work ;)
I read The Martian by Andy Weir – kept meaning to get to it all summer but it was the fact that the movie opened this weekend that kicked me into gear to get it downloaded at last. Fun read, let’s hope the movie does it justice.
My music of choice has been Hozier and James Vincent McMorrow for what seems like months now but I discovered Higher Truth by Chris Cornell this week and have been playing nothing but that for the last few days.
We were on our home way past the docks on Saturday night and saw what seemed to be a pretty big cargo ship moored there. I looked up the vessel on marine only to discover that it’s probably the biggest container ship that the Port of Seattle has ever handled.
Size:363 x 46 m
Draught:15.5 m
Gross Tonnage:131332 t
Net Tonnage:59901 t
Deadweight:128550 t

I tried to get a picture of it but it was close to impossible in the dark with all the lights on near it, plus as you can tell from this one, David wasn’t actually going to slow down anyway! :) IMG_4975

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see you next year ;)

the very last day of summer and I’m out on the deck having a late lunch in only my workout gear – rough life huh? ;)

and just around the corner this is how people are enjoying the end of summer at the beach according to Dina Lydia on Vimeo :)

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it’s time!

OK so I’ve wasted enough of my time going over the standing frame with a fine toothcomb to find out exactly where this dropped out of as I was getting off it earlier and now I’m going to give up and watch the Seahawks/Packers game.
Yes, of course I have my Richard Sherman jersey on ;)
Go Hawks!

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… it rained A LOT here yesterday!

and it was really pretty impressive to see after such a long, hot, dry Seattle summer.

Of course every wheelchair user knows that it’s just not worth fighting a downpour – you have no grip to go up or down any kind of grade and you just get so wet being in a sitting position. David was in the country so I was smart enough to get him to drive me to and from my museum stint. The fact that somebody rushed out with his coat held over my head as I went up the ramp to the covered porch should have clued me in to just how ridiculously hard it was coming down but when it was time to leave I blithely said “Oh no biggie” to the other docent who was very gallantly suggesting I wait a few minutes for the cloudburst to wane a little. Once I was out of the cover of the porch all I had to do was scoot down the ramp and cross a small courtyard – no biggie indeed!

Well of course I had NO GRIP to go downhill so the ramp was interesting and by the time I got to the open car door every article of clothing I had on was absolutely drenched. So….. now that I’ve remembered just how wet you can get I probably won’t make that mistake again…..  for a while ;)


Look what fabulous shades of grey we got to enjoy later in the afternoon though – almost worth it :)

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Weekend fun

Look who took her Grandad  to the Museum of Flight to celebrate his 60th birthday with him 😄  
   No need to ask if he had a good time – how could he not with that cute a co-pilot😊 and we do happen to have a really fabulous Museum of Flight here in Seattle. Almost made turning 60 worth it I bet ( of course, being so much younger I wouldn’t really have any idea 😜)

Later in the day we drove back over to our old stomping grounds and partied with a good friend also celebrating a big birthday. There was plenty of great food and great wine and believe me, we made the most of both😄 There were also lots of fun people and surprise, (ha!) we were almost the last to leave.

Good times indeed!

And I should point out that the Mom of that cute little co-pilot also ran a half-marathon this weekend, way to go Chelsea :)

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good job summer’s almost over….

…because look what I just did to my favourite pair of capris!!!
trying to get pants on and off whilst sitting in a wheelchair can certainly be hard on them with all that pulling you have to do to get them over your butt, but looking on the bright side….. my shoes will all last forever!! hahaha…… ;)

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at last :)

Hooray – finally, the ability to watch live wheelchair tennis on the US Open’s official website. Just go to Live Scores and if there’s a W/C match going on press WATCH LIVE :)

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