and relax……


Ooh, see that really little shiny thing in the sky headed west? I do believe that denotes a few days of early holiday season vacation for me ;)

……which is good, because there’s a lot of football to watch this weekend before I eventually finish cleaning up from Thanksgiving….. and yes,  that does includes eating up all the leftovers so it’s not all hard duty, hahaha…..

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Topless dancing on the table….. just like every Thanksgiving get together ends, right??! ;)

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pre(p for) Thanksgiving day


It was impressively windy here at the Birthplace of Seattle yesterday – that’s what a king tide and winds from the north will do for you apparently!

Today is much calmer and I shall be spending it prepping for the big food day ahead so that I get to spend my Thanksgiving Day playing with Cora, not just cooking and cleaning.

That’s the plan anyway…….. ;)

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Whistle while you (actually watch somebody else) work……

Been waiting for some local heating company to work out what’s wrong with our heat pump since Thursday and spent Friday through Monday waiting for Comcast to get our cable up and running again. Our cable now works so we just have to make sure they credit us for all the days we didn’t have it and all the installation charges because hey, if it doesn’t work you’d better not charge me for it 😜

Now the heat pump guy discovered that what he said needed replacing didn’t fix the problem so he’s starting from scratch….. and you’re right, he’d better not think he can charge me for all the time it took him to get the diagnosis wrong 😝

In the meantime I’ll just sit here and enjoy looking at the snow on the mountains while I waste yet another day staying in for workmen because really, there’s nothing time sensitive for me to do……like shopping for Thanksgiving food  so that I can start cooking it!!!

Aaaaarrrgh 😁

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Maybe it’s a good omen 😄

Not a bad sunset to enjoy while we wait to see if the Seahawks can finally hang on to their 4th quarter lead this week – only 3 more minutes to go ! 😛  

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4 years later on….


and it’s time for more blue  tape !! 😄

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Stormy Seattle


imageWe had a huge windstorm that kept us in the house until around 3 this afternoon when it finally moved on out of here. This was the view about an hour after that looking back towards the city and the docks from the West Seattle bridge as we made our way home from Costco. Hey, we were out of coffee beans – we had to go!
Anyway, you can see that it still looks pretty menacing and it turns out that about the time we got some relief a lot of our old neighbours back on the Eastside lost power and are still without it tonight. We were lucky enough to have only lost it for an hour or so in the morning so I was very happy about that. It was also weirdly warm if you were able to brave the wind and the rain and get outside but apparently that isn’t going to last! No worries, I have plenty of hot coffee now 😄

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ready for this!

After 3 days of this… IMG_5198

I was so ready for this!    IMG_5203

Plus it helped me feel a little bit better about the fact that in the triathlon that Taryn & Colton did early this morning in Miami, the water temperature was 85 degrees –  too warm to be wet suit legal!! Despite that fact they both managed to swim .6 of a mile in those ‘hot tub’ conditions, then bike 22 and run 6.6, all for fun.

Way to go guys – you certainly do rock ;)


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I’m battening down the hatches but some people won’t have to 😄

Since David flew right over Seattle on his way to Detroit yesterday, I wondered if the big storm they keep warning us is coming this afternoon would impact his route back to Asia.

Not going to be an issue by the look of this planned flight route! In fact when he gets home he can probably tell Cora how the elves are coming along with her presents. 😆🎅🏻

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Snow on the mountains :)

IMG_5192Woke up to fresh snow on the mountains this morning after a stormy night. David is in Detroit today but he flew over Seattle early this morning on his way there from Japan so he saw the same snow :)

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