A sandy day….but not that kind! 🏖😄

Turns out that masks and social distancing are good for protection from sawdust as well as Covid 19 😄

Our spate of nice weather gave David a chance to sand down and re-oil Chelsea’s butcher block table outside on her deck today. That gave Cora & Anders something a bit different to amuse them for a while and let us spend a little time with them from a distance. The table still looks pretty good to say that David has owned it longer than he has known me……yeah, it’s that old! 🤣 Cora wanted to know how many different homes we had used it in – 6 for us and 3 for Chelsea & Rich. I think that makes it a good buy!

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Still here!

Here I am demonstrating the art of social distancing….. whilst drinking 🤣

One of my friends just pointed out that she hadn’t seen any blog posts from me lately – my apologies, I’ve been lazy enough to only share my occasional smart aleck comments on Facebook I suppose.

All is good with me, this pandemic doesn’t make that much difference to my life on a daily basis since I can’t drive anymore so tend to stay close to home anyway and we’re still allowed to go outside and exercise so my waterfront rolls continue. Seeing my grandchildren in real life instead of over video chats will be nice when that happens and drinking with other people instead of by myself at happy hour is always good form! 🤣

In the meantime I am watching more Netflix, reading more books, thinking about changing around all my furniture and doing a lot more exercise than you would think from looking at my utterly unripped body. 🤪

Stay safe!

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Homemade scones and tea for the Queens birthday 😁👑 🇬🇧

Possibly Cora & Anders inherited more English genes from Great Grandma than anyone else this side of the pond did 🤣

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As if this pandemic wasn’t enough….

We also lost the use of the big West Seattle Bridge on March 23rd with only a couple of hours warning. Annoying while we’re on lockdown but imagine what a mess this will be when restrictions ease and traffic begins to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Looking east towards the Cascades

Rumour has it that the bridge will take a year to repair if a repair is in fact possible 😱 and even if it is that might only shore up the existing structure for 10 years or so.

That will change things for a lot of people – look at this to remind yourself of the history of transportation on and off our Duwamish peninsula.

Looking NE from the bridge at part of Seattle’s skyline
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Couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

Got a little help from Simon to wish you all a Happy Easter this year. Let’s face it, he looks a lot more ‘Eastery’ than Grandma does! 🤣

Stay safe people! 😁

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Life goes on….

OK I may be starting my happy hour (much) earlier than usual but I keep laughing hysterically at this picture and Anders’ accompanying quote 🤣🍷🤣🍷

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Is it me or the music??

There seem to be more and more songs that I think are going to kill me when they come on right at the end of my indoor workout. Today it was White Flag by Bishop Briggs. I’m just not sure whether this is because Amazon Music is opening me up to lots more great workout tunes or that I’m getting really out of shape in my old age and anything would feel like it was going to finish me off after about 30 minutes 🤣

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Will you look at that?! 🤣

I just noticed the name of the wine I’m drinking – seems somewhat appropriate 😉
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All things…

It’s been a rough couple of weeks both globally and for many of my family personally. Today though, the sun shone, temperatures reached the high 50s and I went out rolling along the beach. It all helped and tonight’s sunset reminds me that all things will indeed pass.

It’s also one of my best Auntie’s birthdays today 🎂

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A nice afternoon sun break for you from Coronavirus central 🤣🦠

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