Monday, Monday..

fullsizeoutput_b08d.jpegSo today I had Chelsea, Cora and Anders come and spend the morning with me, David got home from a 6 day trip at lunchtime and then just before my usual neighbourhood Monday happy hour 2 pods of resident orcas swam past my windows putting on quite a show.

Not a bad start to the week at all πŸ™‚

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Family, farewells and the fabulous English countryside

The views and villages are what I grew up with every day of my youth and Dad’s farewell gave me the chance to see not only my Mom and brother but also some of my Aunties and Uncles plus most of my cousins and some of their families.

Many thanks to my husband for getting me there (and back!), my brother for taking care of absolutely everything in my absence and of course my Dad, who taught me how to take care of everything I ever needed all by myself…..well, except for paying all those first and last months rents every time I moved to a new flat in London back in the 70’s, which I did all the time! 🀣

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Submarines and sunsets …..

made it home from the motherland in time to enjoy views of submarines and sunsets through my windows today in between unpacking, washing, food shopping etc etc……. tomorrow I’m hoping to avoid this afternoon’s sinking feeling and be back on my normal time zone, but David is headed back to Europe so he might as well just stay with the one he was on! πŸ˜‰

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Great as it was that Taryn managed to get here, it would have been even better if the hotel hadn’t messed up our reservations and had a room for her tonight! πŸ™„

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An early autumn treat

Nice to be treated to a few nights of sunsets like these before I forget summer altogether πŸ˜€

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Autumn approaches…

Apparently in a three hour period here yesterday we had five times more rain than we had done in the previous two and a half months!

Of course, most of us in Seattle were more concerned about the level of our home team’s football play than the level of our rainfall but still, a cool statistic πŸ˜‰

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Enjoying our view….

Nothing like a few orcas to go with our September sunshine on a Friday morning! Easy to keep track of them too with all the boats following them! πŸ˜€

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the advantages of a David getting older…..

you get to go out to somewhere you actually like to eat and drink and pretend it’s a treat for his birthday 🀣

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you have to be kidding me!!!

OK so when I was working out on my new exercise machine yesterday, David went out kayaking with Tom, one of our neighbors. Originally Tom had offered stand up paddle boarding but David said the water was too cold for that (oh, of course I said “don’t fall in then!”). Luckily Tom has many water toys since he lives just steps from Puget Sound like us so off they went, Β putting in at Weather Watch Park and paddling north towards Alki Point.

In the meantime I finish my workout, head upstairs to grab an espresso and recover and glance at my computer for any local news before I turn on the TV ready for more US Open coverage. What do I see but whale reports – heading south right past my windows so you can just imagine what went through my head (rude words mother!).

An hour later somebody comes up the stairs with a big grin on his face…”guess what I saw!” aaaargh!!!!

These are pictures of the actual whales David and Tom encountered at close range c/o the West Seattle Blog and taken by Kersti Muul who the guys actually saw taking the pictures.

David said it was hard to believe just how tall the dorsal fin on that big male was – identified as T102 I think, probably twice his height! Oh and they also had a big sea lion come and say Hi and wave his flipper at them. Show offs!!

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My new exercise machine is TOUGHER than my handcycle on the bike trainer was! I started slowly with 15 mins a day to get used to it, had a break for a few days because life got busy then the Norwalk virus put in an appearance which admittedly left me with a few weakness deficits but I just pulled a fairly standard 30 minutes on it and I am TRASHED 😝

Clearly I have work to do – I’m not used to feeling like a wuss!! On the plus side though, you can see that I can just stay in my wheelchair and roll up to this – no more being unable to transfer safely off, hooray! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

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