Yesterday started with David dropping off the car at a repair shop to get a new bumper and then biking home from there because that kind of stuff got logistically tougher once I had to quit driving. That ride warmed him up nicely since he was heading out with Taryn & Colton for a quick 30 miler (once a tire got changed!) before he had to be at the airport to go to work. The kids will be racking up a lot more miles than that every weekend now on the bikes, on foot and in the water because they just signed up for this – gulp!
I, on the other hand had a much easier day of it because I was keeping a friend company manning a booth for the local Historical Society at the Alki Arts Fair in the afternoon. This was the view from behind our booth….Yet another of my tough volunteer gigs, hahaha…… 😎

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I spy with my little eye….


Noticed this radar ship as we were heading home across the West Seattle Bridge the other day and thanks to the trusty West Seattle Blog  SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: SS Pacific Tracker headed out; USNS Benavidez passing by and then this link I was able to find out some pretty interesting info about it – check it out!

That was the same day that we rounded Alki and came across these tribal canoes overnighting on the beach as guests of the Muckleshoot tribe on their way up to British Columbia as part of this years tribal journey. Always something interesting to see 🙂fullsizeoutput_a95b

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time flies!

7 years and 2 days later we were back at the winery Chelsea & Rich got married at. A few changes along the way….mostly to do with the amount of grandchildren we and several friends who were at the wedding now get to enjoy thanks to some of our kids 🙂

but essentially we’re more than happy to have an excuse to get together over decent wine,  food  and live music outside on a warm sunny afternoon with good friends and family.  It’s what makes the world go around 🙂

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My week so far

Of course I haven’t just been watching tennis for days…………………oh wait, yes I have, hahaha. 🙂

Up at the crack of dawn with multiple screens on showing every match. Today it was sadly over earlier than expected with chronic injuries proving to be the undoing of both Murray and Djokovic but that did mean that I was actually dressed before lunch for a change 😉

It hasn’t been horribly hot up here this week so that meant I could still head outside to get a couple of miles in after the sun set in England and play stopped for the night. Saw this guy fishing when I was rolling past one of our local parks the other day fullsizeoutput_a945and of course our sunsets have been pretty gorgeous as per usual at this time of year fullsizeoutput_a946 and even when I am glued to the big screen watching that yellow ball go back and forth for hours on end I have very talented and generous neighbors who come over with fabulously arranged flowers like this for me fullsizeoutput_a944 so I have beautiful things to look at even if I never make it as far as the deck. 😉

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Big ship!

Thought David might see this too as he’s already back in Hong Kong again but apparently he was out hiking all morning and missed it!

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Honey of course it’s your ‘plane!


Far right, 2/3 way up – if you look closely you can tell it’s a plane 😉


Shiny object above and to the left of the skinny tree ( just for you Chuck! 🤣)

Just because you would be flying over the house at the exact same moment as this was happening would never mean that I’d take the picture of any old ‘plane heading to Asia just so that I didn’t miss a second of the rocket launch! Hahaha……….



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Cora’s fourth Fourth!

After getting home in time to take me shopping for food for the 4th and then actually being here long enough to eat it with all of us, David has gone and Wimbledon is over for the day so I suppose there’s nothing to stop me cleaning up from yesterday now …….. that’s a blow! 😉

It was warm and dry and sunny, the whole family were here, our dessert was red, white and blue and Uncle Colton taught Cora how to make Pop-It’s pop! 🙂

Late in the evening after the rest of the crew had long since headed home we got to relax and watch 3 different firework displays from our windows – Tacoma’s to the south, Bainbridge Island’s to the north and Bremerton’s to the west.

Not a bad 4th July at all 🙂


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You get 1 guess who happened to be in Hong Kong for this –

and had a room with this viewfullsizeoutput_a924 so that he didn’t even have to go outside to see the fireworks!!

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Music must have been in the air last weekend…

Because while a whole slew of us were partying to the sounds of Santana

somebody else was apparently getting her own girl band together! 🙂fullsizeoutput_a8f1All this, a heatwave, some amazing sunsets,

2 SpaceX launches and a lot of tennis in the run up to Wimbledon which starts next Monday so yes, I’ve been keeping myself amused 😉

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I cannot tell a lie…..

The second sunset of summer.

You would have got the first but what can I say, I was in Bellevue quaffing far too much chilled wine with my good buddy and we completely missed it.

Oh the high price of friendship🤣

Now that summer has officially arrived at long last we’re even getting a heatwave complete with heat alerts this weekend so rest assured that after months of complaining about the cold and the rain we’ll all be whining that it’s too hot by Sunday night 😜

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