always something new!

thought I caught something odd flying past my windows while I was video chatting to David in Shanghai this afternoon…… luckily our local Beach Drive Blog didn’t just see it too, they got a great picture!IMG_3955-768x1024 pretty wild, huh?! :)

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Sunday’s skies

Oh look….. a ‘plane headed to Shanghai (top part of the window) – yep, that’s the start of my week off!
I was on the standing frame reading the paper as I waited for David’s flight to get rolling when I heard a louder than usual airplane noise and caught sight of these guys as they jetted past my windowsIMG_3662 nice surprise :)

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shine on….

Rolled down to Constellation Park to watch the sunset this evening and take advantage of our still ridiculously gorgeous February weather while it lasts. Ran into one neighbor as we headed out and then 3 more as we came home and of course stopped to chat with all of them. Good to feel part of the new neighborhood after uprooting from the area we spent over 20 years in. Also nice that the old neighborhood is still close enough for us to go back to – I can never have too many friends apparently :)

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above and below….

nice to get the opportunity to see what’s under the waves at one of our nearby parks as well as what’s above them :)

IMG_1166IMG_0782 - Version 2

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Monday, Monday…

Spring must be in the air if the pressure washer is already making it’s annual first appearance ;)
Of course that’s not true of everywhere over here – an upcoming NYC visit by one of our girls springs (haha, sorry!) to mind, but hey, it will be warm inside the Met, which is just one of the places I know she’s excited to get back to :) In the meantime we’re flirting with 60 degrees here again so you’ll get no complaints from me. It would have been a great day to get my outdoor roll in but Mondays are bike trainer days and I’m just too addicted to the exercise, the endorphins, the music or the whole shebang to switch it out.
So…. ticked that box and now moving on to (theoretically) getting some work done around this place before happy hour rolls around.
Mondays, you gotta love ‘em :)

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looking West

Well this was certainly a nice treat on a Thursday afternoon :)
When I rolled home from my stint at the Log House Museum earlier today it had been really too warm to even wear a jacket but when I talked to David he was sitting on a plane waiting to get de-iced after walking around in this in Boston this morning IMG_3591
Yeah, I think I’m on the right coast! :)

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still here!

OK so enough people have asked me where I am or how I am just lately that yes, I’ve been shamed into getting back to this blog. No I haven’t been anywhere exciting and no, I’m not still sulking about the Superbowl – it was actually tougher for me to see Andy Murray lose to Djokovic in the Australian Open – possibly because I was watching that around 4 in the morning without the benefit of friends, food and drinks ;)
Busy doing nothing has actually been true for most of my time. David was home for a while and he does like silence when he’s here – drives me nuts because when I’m alone I always have music on and I’m dancing around in the wheelchair and heaven forbid sometimes even singing so it actually takes a lot of effort for me to be quiet. Clearly I was too exhausted by ‘behaving’ to actually write anything here :)
We did have an old friend from our West Texas days come up for a brief work related visit at the end of last week so it was lots of fun to see him and catch up on all his newsIMG_3576

This week David is gone again so it’s louder here and my happy hours with the neighbors have been lingering a littleIMG_3590 :)

Weatherwise it’s still ridiculously warm for winter with a lot of clouds and rain but no snow in the mountains. Some people clearly don’t let that stop them from getting their outdoor exercise in though as I noticed rolling along Alki Beach on Sunday :)IMG_3580
PS I’m talking about the swimmer behind the kayaker! :)

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well that took a while!

This was the only bit of sunlight I saw all day since the fog just didn’t want to clear down here at all but then we got this sudden pre-sunset treat – almost worth waiting all day for, you think? :)


David has been home, had a day off and gone again but I managed to squeeze in an evening with my book club buddies since he could drop me off on his way to play racquetball. He’s in China at the moment and just yesterday I read a piece in the NY Times about internet availability or the lack of it, over there. It specifically mentioned big issues with gmail and surprise surprise, guess who isn’t getting any email ;)

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takes me back..

Spent some time in Paris, spring of 1970 I think, and this song was pretty much the soundtrack to my time there..
It was certainly the first thing I thought of when I heard the news of Demis Roussos’ death this morning and thanks to Spotify I could play it and recall some other things from that trip – springtime snow in the city, my first look at a Boeing 747 at Orly and those nice French boys that I lied about my age to. Ah those were the days :)

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You’re kidding me!

66 degrees in January?? And on a dry, sunny Sunday afternoon when there just happens to be no football? You’re right I was out rolling in it – time for that Vitamin D top up with my exercise for a change :)
And will you look at this – some bulbs are already coming up on the deckIMG_3517 and it was so warm outside that I kept the doors open – that hasn’t happened in a while!
So maybe Taryn isn’t so weird for moving to the Sunshine state after all, although it was actually warmer here than there today….. and I did only say ‘maybe’ ;)

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