just another Sunday morning…

what’s more impressive……that Taryn &  Colton (450 & 455) just completed the Puerto Rico 70.3 Half Ironman in San Juan  after Taryn was on crutches with a badly sprained ankle just a few weeks ago………or that they finished in time for me to quit tracking them and watch the tennis finals at Indian Wells????!! Way to go guys  🙂17353304_1477330262278783_2006418975627586349_n

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it’s all relative ;)

Well first of all our rain came back and then Nick Kyrgios had to pull out of his match against Roger Federer at Indian Wells because of food poisoning – not a good start to my day……but the recent arrival of the second batch of Taryn & Colton’s honeymoon pictures quickly put the smile back on my face – there were baby elephants and lion cubs for goodness sake, how could you not smile seeing some of these 🙂

It was almost but not quite enough for me to forgive them the fact that they’re already in Puerto Rico for this….IMG_1346 but don’t worry I’ll feel better on Sunday when they have to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 and run 13.1 and I’ll just be sipping espresso and reading the Sunday paper 🙂

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There she goes…..

The USS Independence starting her long last journey from Bremerton to Brownsville where she’ll be scrapped. And yes, she’ll be taking the long way round – should be there in 5 months or so.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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and again…..

yep, woke up to this again this morning…..IMG_9401and one can only hope that I won’t get evacuated again from my house due to a gas leak in the neighbourhood which is what happened to me yesterday! Fortunately I was going out anyway and thanks to a good neighbor and a golf umbrella I made it to the Log House Museum and back for my Thursday afternoon stint there. By the time I got home there was no more smell of gas (hooray!) and no more firefighters(sigh!) although I was decidedly cool and damp so it is a good job that I have a great coffee machine and gas fires because I needed them both to warm up and dry out.

It would seem from this recent KOMO news report that I’m not the only one around here who is more than ready for spring’s arrival though….

Never-ending gloom? Seattle has had just 3 sunny, mild days since the start of October
SEATTLE — We get the sense people are staring to notice the lack of sun lately. While the fall and winter season is typically dominated by clouds in Seattle, it seems we’ve managed to “out-cloudy” ourselves this year.

The data seems to back it up — the last time Seattle had an official sunny day (as in 30 percent or less cloud cover observed) was on Feb. 13 – nearly a month ago! It was sunny and 57 that day, in case it’s already faded into your memory banks.

In fact, since the start of October, Seattle has had just nine official sunny days, below the average of 15 we have in a typical year during that time period.
But before you think Seattleites at least have had more than a week’s worth of winter break, six of those sunny days (4 in January; 2 in December) were accompanied by morning temperatures in the 20s and highs in the 30s (except Jan. 12 managed to eke to 40) so it’s not like the sun actually helped for a warm day.

So our three sunny and mild days since the start of October? October 11th (62 degrees), November 8th (70 degrees) and the aforementioned Feb. 13. That’s a whopping total of 30 hours and 51 minutes of daylight sunshine in Seattle on days that could be considered relatively warm.
Now, luckily not every other day has been overcast. Seattle has managed 42 days considered “partly sunny” in those five-plus months, ranging from 40-70 percent cloud cover. I guess for Seattle we should maybe count sunbreaks as a sunny day? But even those days could be considered somewhat rare. So much so that some locals may have even forgotten what to call it!
But at least Seattleites who miss the sun can take a little bit of solace that it could be worse. Portland has had only seven official sunny days, and just 29 considered “partly sunny.”


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no, of course I haven’t picked my favourites yet!

I’ve had access to the wedding pictures for almost a week now and have yet to make any headway picking the ones I’d like in an album. Of course the fact that Chelsea & Rich will have been married for 7 years this summer and I still don’t have an album put together of their big day gives you a clue that I have been known to drag my feet just a little on this kind of thing 😉

But….. some thoughts have occurred to me as I’ve looked through some of the shots….

Like, how did they have time to film a Tiffany’s ad on their wedding day??!

and give Colton a pitchfork and what painting does this remind you of?370

don’t know why I’m thinking of the movie March of the Penguins here… hahaha160 but on the subject of movies a couple of stills from Girls Go Wild in the Keys seem to have found their way into the wedding pics.. 😉

and do you think Chelsea’s really saying “you’re not wearing this are you??!!!” 84while this of course conjures up Abbey Road vibes293but the real question is – do they repaint this street name so that it matches the new surname of every bride who poses here?! 🙂289 and yes, I promise that’s all for now 😉

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It’s that time of year again!

 This pic was from 4 years ago which is like yesterday to us oldies but our Oscars group has expanded by 5 babies since then!!  Three great generations to hang  with that’s for sure 😊

 So far David and I have seen LaLa Land, Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water, Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge. Maybe we’ll squeeze in one or two more by Sunday afternoon…… but I have to have food and drink for this crowd so perhaps I should take care of that first?!  Looking forward to it people 😃🍷

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Book Club is back!

Well we managed to cover 3 weddings, 2 engagements, 2 operations, the King Co jail system and various retirements. All this in just under 5 hours and after some of us went to the wrong house too 🤣 Of course there was wine and even tofu dogs – the only thing we didn’t get to was book selection but hey, there’s another meeting next month 😉

Good times ladies 😄

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a belated post……

After a few issues with my blog keep crashing before I could post it I thought I had it all taken care of last night……. right up until I hit the POST button! Spent a fruitless couple of hours trying to get it back on various other devices and then gave up. Turned on this iPad over coffee this morning and look what was back here waiting for me ( of course I haven’t hit POST yet so I may be getting ahead of myself 😄) The only thing exciting that has happened since last night is that I was awake at 6 something to watch SpaceX launch Falcon 9 from launchpad 39A in Florida – amazing stuff 🚀😃 <a class=”embedly-card” href=”http://www.space.com/35767-blastoff-spacex-launches-from-historic-launch-pad-39a-video.html#sthash.2YWALnXR.fnmz”&gt;

And now here’s the post I thought you’d see yesterday and yes, I’m too lazy to rewrite it!

After a couple of days of unseasonably warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and gorgeous sunsets the rain and low cloud was back today. Got this little treat at sunset though 😃Of course I was out rolling while the weather gods smiled on us and even David lucked out with pleasantly cool temps for his hiking in Hong Kong earlier this week. It doesn’t look like he stands too much chance of decent biking weather in Amsterdam today though but he might just catch the tail end of Minneapolis’s heatwave as he swings back through there before heading home. Sadly it will probably still be raining when he gets here but that just means I’ll be all caught up on my Netflix binge-watching by then 😄

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and for all my non Facebook family and friends…..

Enjoy! We sure did 🙂

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/203481653″>Taryn &amp; Colton @ Hemingway House</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/soundwavekw”>SoundWave KeyWest</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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who knew?!

This was my Facebook post from 3 years ago today when Taryn was running the Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West…… 3 guesses who the other runner was!!
And the rest is history 🙂

February 7, 2014 at 6:54pm ·

she just entered the Everglades….in the dark, with an ‘active ‘gator alert’! Good job she’s smart enough to talk another runner on her team into doing an extra leg and keeping her company 😉 Go Taryn!!

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