Kitchen Luddite

The next time that for some unfathomable reason I decide to whip egg whites by hand instead of with a mixer I can only hope that someone smarter than me at least reminds me not to do it after I’ve already done an upper body workout!

(like any of my workouts aren’t upper body?? 😉)

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I’m with them! ;)

So many of our days have looked like this just lately….

that even my grandchildren have decided they just need to pretend that they’re at the beach! 🙂fullsizeoutput_b696

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We had a few sun breaks to go with our Easter activities yesterday and miraculously the men’s final at the Miami Open was early enough that I got to watch the whole match before our fun dinner guests arrived so I was almost as happy as Cora appears to be at the prospect of eating her Easter dessert!

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still busy watching tennis ;)

David has been home doing the taxes and I have been watching the Miami Open from start to finish every day (thank you Tennis Channel!!) so not much to show you but through my windows I have espied……

the first sunset of Springfullsizeoutput_b654 bald eagles flying pastfullsizeoutput_b65eDavid doing his Storm Dance 😉fullsizeoutput_b660and just for good measure here’s last night’s sunset right before our latest wind and rain arrived.fullsizeoutput_b662 and now of course I have to go because I have more tennis to watch 🙂

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Goodbye Winter….

fullsizeoutput_b651No tennis to watch yesterday so I had time to get a picture of winter’s last sunset as well as enjoy our usual Monday neighbourhood happy hour 🙂

It’s another beautiful day here today so there’s a good chance that the spring’s first sunset might be photo worthy too…… but then of course play at the Miami Open has already started so I might be busy 😉

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things I notice before the tennis starts for the day 😄

Remember those huge cranes that came in from Shanghai to Tacoma last week? Here’s the empty ship heading back to Shanghai without them yesterday morning . I’m guessing that the return journey will be quicker! and then this morning there was a snazzy looking 210′ super yacht hanging out just south of me but now the first players of the day are almost finished warming up so I have time for one more espresso and then I’ll be busy for the next 12 hours 🤣

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What I should have taken a picture of this week while David was home between Paris trips (yes, I hate him too!) was our serendipitous get together last night with good friends  to celebrate the arrival of the latest grandchild in the group – welcome to the world Bandon! 🙂

We’re up to six between all of us now and it is beginning to seem like a long time ago that three of our children had their first day of elementary school together way back whenever that was!

So anyway, you’ll have to make do with the pictures of some of the other things I got up to this week – almost spring-like weather to enjoy, more homemade lemon-ginger simple syrup for my cocktails, yet more gorgeous sunsets to salivate over as they slowly but surely get a little later every day and then playing with Tesla’s with my partner in crime just to see if my wheelchair would fit in the trunk and if I could transfer in and out…… know, just in case! 😉

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Monday, Monday 😊

Not only did Cora and Anders come to visit today but it was also neighborhood happy hour AND there was a SpaceX rocket launch! Tough to beat that for a Monday 😄

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More sights to see from my window

Watch this link to learn a little about the four huge cranes we’ve just watched sail past our windows on their way from Shanghai to Tacoma.

 here he is trying to avoid going outside for a picture in 30 degree temperatures 😄

David said ideally he’d get some orcas in the same photo. Of course he  thought he was being funny but what he didn’t know is that there were actually 5 orcas heading north that were visible from Beach Drive, too bad they didn’t actually surface right next to that bright orange boat 🤣


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Same old, same old….

Another rough happy hour watching Olympic coverage (when I’m not looking at the sunset) from my standing frame at the bar 😄🏂⛷⛸🥌🍸

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