another sunset…..

 Same old sun and salt water, just viewed from a little further west than usual  đŸ˜Ž   

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the advantages of having to wait……

…no tennis until late this afternoon and sadly even then the Djokovic-Federer match is on too late for me to watch since I actually have something I have to do on Thursdays and can’t stay up half the night beforehand – drat! 

So, since I had nothing I had to get done I was able to download and read this book that I’d just read about in the New York Times.

….make sure you read it alone though, you won’t want to have to put it down and it will make you cry, but it is an excellent read.

    I even got it finished in plenty of time to prep my leftover veg so that I have no excuse not to eat well tonight while I watch the women’s semi’s  
 What a wildly constructive Wednesday for me! 😆

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What do you mean, what have I been doing?!

Do I have to remind you that it’s the Australian Open?! So yes, I have been wrapped up in watching a lot of that although, since David is in the country I actually refrained from watching Andy Murray’s match in bed in the middle of the night last night – I know, such sacrifice 😆

There have been happy hours (and hours! 😆) both here and away plus another visit from my favourite budding chef  so I have been very pleasantly amused for the most part since my last post.


The only really terrible thing that I had been following was this…..

Henry Worsley, British explorer, dies crossing Antarctic – – http://www.cnn.com
So sad 🙁

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Snack time with Grandma

I had the pleasure of Cora’s company this morning and even though she’s always learned something new every time I see her, there are things that she absolutely expects to do each time she visits. She likes to sit on my lap in the wheelchair, have music playing 100% of the time, (she doesn’t like any gap between songs) snack on foods that she chooses and play with as many of my devices as can get hold of.
After spending the morning with her it occurred to me that I do exactly the same things when I have the place to myself. As soon as David’s out the door he knows my  music is loud and pretty much nonstop and I love eating exactly what I want to when there’s just me to cater for and of course I spend my life with a phone under the wheelchair, an ipad on my lap and the big computer on my desk  :)

Keep being just like Grandma as you grow up Cora, this could be such fun to watch!! Hahaha…….. ;)

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Time to hang these up….

  ….for a few months at least and I don’t think Bellevue will look quite like this next Wednesday when I’m there either…
   but hey, it was a fun season and now this just gives me more time to pay attention to politics… yes I’m watching tonight’s Democratic debate as I type this and yes, I have a drink in my hand as I do because it’s all a little crazy isn’t it?! (but you’re right, not as crazy as the Republican debate!)  đŸ˜„
So, thanks for some great football Seahawks – see you next season 😀

 (when we still won’t know who the next President will be đŸ˜±)

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it’s been a while…..


since I’ve seen the USS John C Stennis slide past my windows. It headed out this morning on it’s latest deployment, check out it’s Facebook page and read all the farewell messages to the people on board.  Got to be tough to have loved ones gone for so long!


It’s been a while too since I’ve been on my bike trainer…. you tend to pay for being sick when you have MS and it takes a while to get back to roughly where you were before you came down with something. Then of course it was the holidays so I had people to amuse me instead of exercise ;) but it was definitely time to get back to it. Hopped (haha!) on the handcycle the other day and I managed to forget to take my phone with me – got to have that to play my workout playlist, then my headphones kept cutting out every few seconds and then the bike and trainer had been moved so the gears and the trainer wheel just weren’t quite right and it kept slipping out of gear. Long story short I gave up and got off but yes, there was much swearing involved before that happened!!

So today I paid a little more attention, had the phone, checked the headphones, adjusted the wheel and managed to do my 30 minutes plus. It’s not like I sweated up a storm or anything but the point was to just get back to it which I did – box ticked.  Now I just have to remember to do it again…… :)

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good job it was Monday!

because boy did I need my happy hour  buddies to raise my spirits after the news of David Bowie’s untimely passing last night..


..and yes of course I had his music playing, another anthem of my youth – sadly gone too!

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pretty much back to normal……

everyone is back at work and I’m pretty much back to my normal routine these days ….but there was a lot of champagne quaffing just after the New Year had arrived

to celebrate these guys and their latest adventure :)

Shockingly enough (ha!) they’re already running their first half-marathon of the year in Orlando today so I’m waiting to hear how that went and get pictures.

I love exercising vicariously through my kids, hahaha ;)

David was doing a little step workout back in Hong Kong instead of his usual hike by the look of it…. the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery.

And I have been enjoying having the papers all to myself, bingewatching Ray Donovan on Netflix and catching some great sunsets whilst throwing together leftovers in the kitchen – all good :)



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good times……..

thanks to everyone making their flights, Nic’s selfie stick, that incredibly large piece of prime rib and the infamous saran wrap game…  we were all able to get together, eat, drink, open presents and do the usual fun holiday stuff.
Of course we didn’t do half the things I vaguely thought we would get around to but the weather cleared enough for the kids to make it up to Snoqualmie Pass one day to ski, snowboard and introduce Cora to lots of snow so that was great :)

Once the out of towners left, David and I got to celebrate 2016’s arrival with friends and neighbors and then spent yesterday recovering from that ;) Today it’s racquetball as usual for David and I’m finally washing all the sheets and towels so that I’m ready for anyone else to turn up. The sun is still shining, the views are marvellous and I have great memories of this holiday season to look back on – good times indeed!

And oh yes, I finally get to read the paper first :)

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well here’s a good question……. ponder over while you wait for Santa to arrive (or if you’re me, the rest of your family to fly in!)

Way back in September there was a piece in the New York Times that asked what you would see, or hear for the first time all over again. It’s an arts related question so they weren’t looking for personal experiences like having a baby or meeting your future partner. There were answers from various cultural figures in the article that ran the gamut from seeing Tosca for the first time to playing someone’s Stradivarius to eating at Momofuku. It was fascinating and so hard to think of just one experience that I wanted to relive. Fairly typically for me there were so many moments looking back that seemed so important but was it the benefit of hindsight that gave them more weight than perhaps I did in the moment? Hard to tell when it was such a long time ago but I do remember my high school English teacher taking a group of us to see  Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – my very first Tom Stoppard play and I have been in awe of everything I have seen of his ever since then, perhaps nothing more so than Arcadia here at ACT Theatre in Seattle. Many, many moons ago I talked David into taking me to the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio to see Rudolph Nureyev dance and perhaps I wasn’t awed at the time but I will die happy knowing that I saw him dance in person at least once. Music-wise I was spoiled rotten growing up in England in the 60s and 70s – who didn’t I listen to and get to see in concert?! Queen’s early music was unsurpassed in my 6th form days at Grammar School there and I remember playing truant one day just to go to the Tate Gallery in London to see Richard Dadd’s painting The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke that inspired Freddie Mercury’s song of the same name.

Like I said, way too much to choose from but I enjoyed pondering the question and perhaps it will give you something to think about tonight if Christmas morning doesn’t arrive quickly enough :)

IMG_0116 IMG_0126

..and yes, I thought about it again today because you’ve been able to stream the entire catalogue of The Beatles music since midnight and listening to them all day has been reminding me of my youth!

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