gunpowder, treason and plot…..

well thanks to the adoption of the V mask by the Occupy movement I probably don’t have to remind all my American friends who Guy Fawkes was and why we Brits celebrate Bonfire Night tonight……..but just in case
thanks Wikipedia ; )
So, while my friends and relatives have been busy burning things and blowing things up David has been recovering from helping Chelsea move yet AGAIN yesterday by watching the world’s #1 racquetball player take part in a tournament here. Chelsea and Rich finished unpacking boxes in time to go to the Husky-Ducks game tonight – the last one held in Husky Stadium before it’s big facelift starts. We’ll be watching it on the TV but hey, we’ll be warmer than them ; )
In the meantime Taryn may be warmer than all of us because she’s in Miami with her boyfriend this weekend. He flew in from London to present a paper there so she had a little less travelling than him to do…we’re awaiting the pictures of Cuban food that are bound to follow ; )

About girlonahandcycle

Natural Brit/Naturalized American wife, mom, grandma and all around old broad still happily ignoring my MS (since 1985 - ha!). Every time it slows me down I find a way to speed back up which explains my very cool Tilite wheelchair and Top End handcycle ..........also my ripped arms ; ) Don't get back to the homeland or to other cool places quite as easily or often as I'd like anymore so theoretically my rambling here keeps me a little more connected to far away friends and family.
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