So I was just taking the trash out this morning, happy to do so since it was not raining ; ) Got out of my wheelchair lift with trash bag in hand and kitchen compost container on my lap. I noticed the door didn’t open quite normally and figured a gust of wind had caught it since it is pretty windy here so far today. My trash and food waste receptacles are behind the door against a half wall next to the driveway. The door isn’t shutting so I push it firmly shut until it clicks……..and yes, if I’d have known then what I know now I wouldn’t have done that! Anyway, I get all the trash stowed and the lids on and click my remote to get back in the lift. You’re right – it doesn’t open, that time or the next six or so times I try it grrrr! Luckily it takes more than a jammed door to keep me out. ; ) I play with it for a while and manage to simultaneously hit the remote and pry open the metal thingywhatsit that keeps it shut and I’m in. Looking up I can see WHY it isn’t opening and shutting properly –


yep, those two metal pieces SHOULD be attached to each other for the door mechanism to work.
So now I’m in the lift but the door, of course has to be SHUT for that to work. Hey, this girl is nothing if not prepared you know and I have a suction grip handle in the lift where I can reach it just for occasions like this. Clearly I should have learnt HOW to affix it before I smugly put it there but after faffing around with it for a while it occurred to me that flyboy’s plane had already landed so I called him and said “how do I work that suction handle?” Cue a huge wind gust that caught the door and slammed it very neatly shut ; )
David meantime has NO idea what I’m talking about and when I laughingly try to explain why I called him in the first place it becomes no clearer to him so I give up and just tell him to forget it and drive home. Later today he will be out there reattaching those door connectors though!


About girlonahandcycle

Natural Brit/Naturalized American wife, mom, grandma and all around old broad still happily ignoring my MS (since 1985 - ha!). Every time it slows me down I find a way to speed back up which explains my very cool Tilite wheelchair and Top End handcycle ..........also my ripped arms ; ) Don't get back to the homeland or to other cool places quite as easily or often as I'd like anymore so theoretically my rambling here keeps me a little more connected to far away friends and family.
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2 Responses to Oops!

  1. Carolyn Smith says:

    I love reading your “blogs” fo life with Amanda. That’s what I’ll call it. Anyway, have a great weekend. Hot, here! Madison will be coming sometime later, Bryan is off tomorrow. Burgers on grill for later tonight. Teresa is coming tues night, staying until Sunday and driving back to Tulsa with me. June 8 is my “40” High School Reunion, yikes! I’ll try to send new photos of Madison.

    • Glad you’re having a fun weekend and thanks for those fabulous pictures – she is growing up so quickly but man, what a cutie! ; ) OK Bryan so you’re cute too but not AS cute as that gorgeous little girl of yours!
      David says to have fun with all those old people at your reunion because he wants to remind you that he’s younger than you! Ha, too bad he doesn’t look it, right!! ; ) On June 9th we get to celebrate Chelsea’s graduation from UW with her Masters in School Psychology and she’s already been hired so even more reason to celebrate. Taryn and her boyfriend (also David, how confusing will THAT get?!) will be here for that too so it should be a good time.
      Have fun and when you’re ready for some cool weather you know where we are 😉

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