Mystery of the day!

OK so after a week of being in solitary confinement from being sick and contagious, yesterday I called my good neighbor (wait…… that sounds like the rest of them are bad ones, ha – you know who you are people!) anyway, I called one of my very good neighbors and yes, begged her to come on over for just one glass of wine with me because….. I didn’t think I could be contagious anymore and David was coming home today so my playtime was about to screech to a halt and I hadn’t even played yet….. get the whole pathetic, foot stamping vibe there? Well good, because so did she and 10 minutes later we were on the deck in the sunshine enjoying some chilled vino together.
More neighbors joined us after a while (yes, more good ones!) and so I was just thrilled to be getting back towards feeling normal at long last.
IMG_1351 I just have one question – how did I get this black eye that I woke up with this morning??! Anybody…….?? As far as I know I watched a movie and then went to bed last night but when I was brushing my teeth this morning I glanced into the mirror and there it was! Did I miss something really wild?? If I did and you were there please call me up and fill me in 😉 In the meantime I’ll be wearing something in deep purple today to match my eye socket!


About girlonahandcycle

Natural Brit/Naturalized American wife, mom, grandma and all around old broad still happily ignoring my MS (since 1985 - ha!). Every time it slows me down I find a way to speed back up which explains my very cool Tilite wheelchair and Top End handcycle ..........also my ripped arms ; ) Don't get back to the homeland or to other cool places quite as easily or often as I'd like anymore so theoretically my rambling here keeps me a little more connected to far away friends and family.
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