Smoky skies and tall ships

a restful day after what turned out to be an unusual holiday weekend for our immediate family. Between the eight of us we managed to fit in a wedding, 4 cases of Norwalk virus, a college football game, a fall downstairs, a vehicle catching fire and some stitches! We are not however close to any of the fires dropping ash all over Seattle and filling the skies with smoke so we are very grateful for that!

Watching some US Open tennis and the tall ships sail by this afternoon is definitely a nice relaxing option πŸ™‚

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The mark of a good Grandad……

being up half the night comforting a throwing up three year old, feeding and changing her 9 month old brother at midnight and still finding Frozen videos for her on his laptop the next morning and singing the songs with her πŸ˜„

There might be a nap in his future ( between football games ) πŸ˜‰

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Rough day 🀣

OK so at some point between the vinegar tasting and the Moscow Mules I actually made them move some furniture up 2 floors for me but hey, I have an elevator – it wasn’t that tough! πŸ˜„

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This looks like a good vacation…….

 this may have been the moment that Howard began to get suspicious about David’s ulterior motive for wanting him to visit 🀣

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some workouts are tougher than others ;)

fullsizeoutput_aaa5someone got delayed heading home due to a little weather issue in his neck of the world yesterday, but before it hit he amused himself by doing a solo spin class in his hotel – rough view!

He’d been hiking earlier but bailed halfway through when the ‘real feel’ hit 117 degrees fahrenheit and headed downward to Repulse Bay to catch a bus back to where he was staying. Β Er… good choice!IMG_7423

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last minute reprieve!

Great deal that my next door neighbors had extra viewing glasses and threw them across to my balcony so that I wasn’t reliant on my cereal box pinhole camera for the solar eclipse today Β – thanks guys! πŸ™‚

I woke up to the sound of foghorns and we were pretty socked in with marine mist earlier this morning so it was very nice that it cleared up in time to enjoy the spectacle πŸ™‚

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OK I’m ready!

 now all I have to do is hope for no clouds and remember to get up in time because the eclipse starts at 9 something in the morning here! 😎

Apparently some other people I know are ready tooΒ and Anders knows where to look but doesn’t have his glasses on yet 🀣  David will have just arrived at his hotel in Hong Kong so he’s on the wrong side of the world to see the eclipse but you’re right, I don’t feel too bad for him since spending time in Hong Kong is not exactly a bad deal in the scheme of things πŸ˜„

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Better Late than Never

In 13 days I will have lived in my current house for 6 whole years. Yesterday, thanks to the recent addition of curb cuts on Beach Drive I was able to roll home on the other side of the road for the very first time – woohoo!!!

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One of the good old days!

Ooh, a whole 7 years ago today since Susie got Salman Rushdie to hang out with the girls and I at a Words & Wine event here in Seattle. Taryn of course got to mingle with him after that since she worked at his agent’s in Manhattan for a few years but the rest of us weren’t so lucky so we’ll just cling to our signed first edition hardcovers instead πŸ˜„
And in other news I just realized that I was wearing that same black top a couple of days ago 🀣

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weekend comings and goings..


We got to see the USS John C Stennis going out and coming back in over the last couple of days, it’s always a treat to see an aircraft carrier glide past your windows! πŸ˜€

Yesterday David did a quick 40 mile bike ride with Taryn & Colton, ( after they ran a 5K! ) since they have new bikes to break in and are of course in training and then the whole tribe came for dinner 😊IMG_0755

Apparently Anders is happy as a clam as long as he has a big enough steak and beer…. who knew?! 🀣 IMG_1405.JPG


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