took one last picture of my remaining string of Xmas lights yesterday evening because David gets home from Hong Kong this morning so we all know they’ll be history soon!

Then I got this nice shot of the NYK Daedalus heading out this morning right before moon set as I was on my way to the coffee machine.

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another year, another chance to live it anyway you want :)

fullsizeoutput_b518Well this was my morning view yesterday and the first time I had woken up to a house all to myself since December 1st!!!  I get points for that, right??!

It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I even got outside for a roll in the sunshine before Monday Happy Hour rolled around. My Mom also got home yesterday having stayed with my brother since she flew back to the motherland. She commented that her Monday happy hour would be quieter than she had grown used to at my house but sadly she managed to pick up a bad cough between here and there and the doctor gave her something for it but said she couldn’t drink until she’d finished her course of treatment. Here are some of my happy hour ladies apparently having a moment of silence for her in the light of that news, hahaha 😉  fullsizeoutput_b52b

And of course here is 2018’s first sunset… 🙂fullsizeoutput_b51a

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Looks like someone inherited her Grandad’s genes!

Well I thought that David was a little harsh, stripping the house of everything even vaguely resembling a holiday decoration as soon as my mother left town but then Chelsea sent me this photo of Cora…..

A hammer? Really??! I guess Xmas really is over! 😂

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Boxing Day

Well this pilot and fairy have flown away home so today we are playing with our presents and eating leftovers – tough times! 🤗

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and for everyone who’s email address I forgot or got wrong………


And with almost a whole day and a half to spare, a few lines about our year…..

Clearly it started in style – Taryn & Colton’s wedding in Key West was classic, romantic and blessed with close family, friends and fabulous Florida weather. We even managed to sneak in a couple of quiet beach days with our grandchildren ( oh AND their parents 🤣) on the way down there and for me it was my first visit to the Florida Keys.

By the time we made our next family trip to Arizona to have an early 60th celebration over Easter for me, the newlyweds had managed to tick off their first Half IronMan in Puerto Rico and of course loved it! On top of that Colton got offered a new job that saw them pulling up stakes and moving all the way across the country to take advantage of it. Unbelievably enough the job was in Seattle – didn’t see that coming but what a great surprise. They moved up here on Mother’s Day weekend and I had both girls here to celebrate that event with me for the first time in 14 years – score! 🤗

Summer in the Pacific Northwest was long, dry and gorgeous and Cora turned 3 (already?!) at the start of it. Just as it ended my Dad slipped away after 93 years of enjoying nearly every day of his life immensely and left us all with great memories of good times with him. David managed to get me over to England (and back 🤣) and I got to spend some time with my family in the English sunshine. Dad’s services took place on Anders’ first birthday which was very fitting since he was named after him, Anders Harold Day. 😊

November meant not only Thanksgiving here with lots of family but also Taryn and Colton’s first full IronMan in Arizona the week before. They did an amazing job and were both incredibly happy with the experience and their times but I was exhausted just tracking them for 12 hours!! 😆

And now it’s winter and Xmas is coming up fast! My Mom is here with us for the holidays and the whole family will be together here for Xmas dinner. The decorations are up and the presents are wrapped so once this missive gets emailed I’ll be as ready as I’ll ever be…….. well, except for the food shopping !

Wishing you health, happiness and good times in the coming year😊

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the first December celebration…..

Well we got to celebrate Taryn’s birthday with her on the actual day yesterday! A shocking departure from normality for our family since we’ve always just gone with whatever date David was in the country for special occasions and then whenever the girls were home from college and then whenever they were visiting.

Having both girls live in the area now we have no excuse for not marking the actual day so instead we picked on Colton and made him open his birthday presents on Taryn’s birthday instead of his – got to keep it a little bit weird, right? 😉

Oh and Grandma got to see where they lived so that was cool, plus she pointed out that she had been over here for Taryn’s 1st birthday so it seemed only right that she was back for her 31st 🙂

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still here! ;)

And today I even let my mother out of the house between wrapping presents for me!

We walked down to Cormorant Cove Park and back in our unbelievably balmy December weather. Of course you’ll notice that the walker I’m insisting that she use for safety when she walks anywhere got kicked out of the way for every picture, not that she’s vain or anything!

Just don’t ask what happened to that nice tower of balanced rocks that she admired by the Cormorant Cove sign – apparently some people just have to cross their legs when they sit down on nearby benches no matter what they might kick over, hahaha……

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only a week? ;)

yes my mother flew in last weekend so she’s already been here over a week but you know I had to wait until she paused to take a breath before I was able to get to my computer to post these pictures! Hahaha…….

There has been time with her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, happy hours, dinners out, lots of views and much holiday decorating. Just wait until David leaves and I make her wrap everyone’s presents for me! 😉

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An early present…..

A great friend brought this sign over for me to put on my bar today.

Of course I’m not sure what made her think of me when she saw it 🤣

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of family, food and drink. Good times 😄

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